The 5-step visual guide to using technology in education

The major debate happening in the world of education technology has evolved into a discussion on best practices, implementation methodology, and the benefits of proper integration.

It had originally started as a sort of “oh look an iPad – let’s use that in my classroom or workplace and see what happens – it’s magic right?!”

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That era is slowly falling by the wayside and giving away to actually identifying the proper way to truly leverage how to create successful learners. That’s all illustrated in this fancy visual guide from Web Wise Tutors. They even use one of my favorite quotes from John Dewey:

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

Long story short, there are a LOT of steps involved in getting technology to serve the purpose of actually helping students learn. You can’t do it in just 5 steps despite the title of this post. However, these steps are great jumping-off points for any educator or student looking to start answering the questions first posed at the start of this fun little blog post. Do you know the best way to properly integrate education technology? What about the most effective way to implement a tried-and-true methodology? How about knowing where to find the best practices for technology in education? There are a lot of questions being asked right now about technology in education and hopefully this visual step-by-step guide will get you thinking about the answers.

It doesn’t provide the real meat-and-potatoes kind of answers you need, but it does get you thinking about shaping the best way to integrate edtech into the classroom and forming a successful learning experience.

What best practices would you share with other readers of this post? They aren’t all teachers so what kind of non-education best practices would you share? What’s the best way to use technology? Even NOT in education? An interesting question to ask. Looking forward to hearing your answers.

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guide to creating learners

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  • Dana Houston Jackson Jul 12,2014 at 2:13 pm

    Excellent info graphics. They are concise and compelling. Nicely done.

  • Laura Mole Jun 26,2014 at 4:12 am

    This is a great blog post, thank you. I know its something close to our education customers hearts

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