Vodafone And O2 Introduces New 4G Data Services

According to reliable sources, 4G data service is launched by mobile phone company, EE near about ten months ago. According to reliable source, the rivals of the company Vodafone and O2 have recently declared to offer their 4G services. Vodafone recently starts to provide their service in London. It is also informed that O2 joined them and they together provide services in the capital, Bradford and Leeds. By the end of the year, the companies have planned to provide the service in at least 13 cities including Bradford, London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Coventry, Sheffield, Leicester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Vodafone And O2 Introduces New 4G Data ServicesExperts are of the opinion that in spite of all these they lead far behind the veteran companies, EE that provide their exclusive and super fast services to near about 105 cities and towns around the nation. They also opined that the greatest problem of the new comers to this service sector is to provide uninterrupted services to their consumers.

In addition to this, as the result of the terms of contracts both of the companies are unable to provide their services to the users of Apple’s latest iPhone until and unless Apple releases an update. Sources informed that Apple did not confirm the time yet; however, the companies are hoping that the deal will be out in the autumn.

Other than this, the cost is also a major factor. It is informed that O2 have to pay an amount of £550m for a share of the lowest frequency spectrum, whereas Vodafone spent above £800m in order to secure the right to operate the 4G network of their own.

Vodafone claimed that they have already registered more than 20,000 customers already. On the other hand, according to the latest financial reports of EE, 687,000 people are availing their high-speed services. Critics are of the opinion that number of customers of EE by the end of current year would have exceeded 750,000. However, it is informed that the target of EE is to reach 1 million 4G customers within this year.

Most strikingly, as stated in the report of Office for National Statistics, smartphones are the most widely used single device that are used to access internet. In 2013, above 50% of British adults utilized the smartphone to enjoy online facilities.

The senior Planning campaigner for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Paul Miner stated that people of the rural areas across the country are interested to enjoy the facilities, however, it is worthy to note that they wish to view that it was done in a proper manner. It is evident from various sources that there are fears in many rural areas that the infrastructure required to provide the high-speed internet would tarnish the countryside.

He further added they always encourage and support the progress of communication networks in rural areas as it is proved that they can provide huge advantages. He wanted that CPRE wanted to bury the entire infrastructure underground. CPRE is of the opinion that the expansion of 4G internet in the rural areas could improve damage of economic condition of the locality caused due to agricultural unemployment because the new facilities will make it easier to work from home.