Why Your North Richland Hills, Texas AC System And Thermostat Stopped Working

If you’re wondering why your AC stopped working, there are several potential causes. Refrigerant shortage, tripped circuit breakers, and broken fan motors are all potential causes.

Refrigerant shortage

If your air conditioning unit suddenly ceased to function, it could be due to a shortage of refrigerant. This cooling fluid is used in air conditioners and heat pumps to provide cool air and hot air, respectively.

To identify if refrigerant levels are low, a system check is performed. For this test, a service technician installs gauges, thermistors, and liquid high-side receivers on the closed-door medium-temperature refrigeration system. The resulting measurements are calculated and listed in a detailed system analysis. If any of these values are not within the acceptable range, the system needs to be repaired.

When the level of the refrigerant drops below a safe level, the compressor is damaged. The compressor squeezes liquid refrigerant into high-pressure gas. The compressor is designed to match the amount of refrigerant in the system.

If the charge is too low, the compressor overworks and will cause high energy bills. In such cases, you need an air conditioner service to get it working properly and restore your normal temperatures and electric bills.

In addition to the symptoms, a low refrigerant level can lead to your unit not working properly. The cold air that reaches your home will not be cool enough due to a shortage of refrigerant. The system will also run longer because it will need to work harder to cool your home. If your unit has a shortage of refrigerant, you’ll need to get a new one.

Broken fan motor

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner, it could be the fan motor. While you may not have to replace the entire unit, the replacement of the fan motor could cost up to $500, making it a very reasonable repair option.

The fan may be running, but it’s lagging. To find out whether the fan is running, push a wooden stick around its axle. You may have to clean the bearings of the motor, too. A bird’s nest near the fan motor could also cause a blockage, so make sure that you turn off the power before trying to clean it.

Another common problem involving air conditioner fans is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuses. You can easily fix this by resetting the circuit breaker or replacing the blown fuses.

Alternatively, you can call a professional to repair the unit. Make sure to choose a reputable company. Click this link https://www.honestabeservices.com/ for more information to ensure you are getting the best quality for your home. You should also check the air filter in your unit, as this can be another cause of a broken fan motor. If the filter is clogged or dirty, you should clean it as well.

Another common problem involving an air conditioning unit is that the power is not getting to the compressor. Without electricity, the compressor will not be able to run, and the fan will not spin. The best solution to this problem is to call an air conditioning repair professional to help you.

Tripped circuit breakers

If your air conditioning has stopped working because of a tripped circuit breaker, there are a couple of causes you may have overlooked. One common cause is a dirty air filter.

Dirty filters make your unit work harder and use more electricity. The system is very sensitive to dirt, so if it is too dirty, it will likely trip the circuit breaker. Alternatively, the condenser coil may be clogged. This dirt will block airflow into the outdoor unit, causing the unit to work too hard and draw too much current. The air handler will continue working until the circuit breaker trips.

The refrigerant in your system is the cold substance that helps the indoor unit absorb heat from the air. If the refrigerant is leaking from your unit, the system will trip the circuit breaker. This will decrease the cooling effectiveness of your unit, increase power consumption, and result in overload.

Another common cause of an air conditioner circuit breaker tripping is a power surge. During a power surge, the circuit breaker is triggered by an electrical problem in your air conditioner. Click here for more information about circuit breakers. If the breaker tripped because of the power surge, switch off all electronic devices and locate the circuit box. If you’re unsure, call an electrician.

If the unit’s circuit breaker has tripped due to a power surge, you should first check the breaker with a multimeter to ensure that it is working properly. If it is not working due to a power surge, then replace it.

If the circuit breaker is tripped, it might be a simple issue. If you’ve tried a reset to the circuit breaker but nothing seems to work, you can always try to replace it. A tripped circuit breaker can be a sign of a larger problem that needs to be fixed. If it does, your AC unit may be able to start up again.

Ice buildup on the coils

If you have noticed ice buildup on the coils of your unit, it may be a sign that your unit needs repair. There are many potential causes of ice buildup, including a blocked duct system, a dirty evaporator coil, or a leak in the refrigerant.

The first step in repairing an iced-up air conditioner is to clean the inside of the unit. A dirty air filter will make the coils more susceptible to dust accumulation. Since air conditioning coils are usually wet, dust can easily stick to them and cause a buildup of ice. This buildup can result in thick sheets of ice clogging up the unit.

If you find a blockage in the evaporator coil of your AC, the next step is to turn off the power to the system. This step can be done by turning off the power switch at the furnace or outside condensing unit. Doing this will prevent you from accidentally turning the system on while waiting for the ice to melt. It may take a few hours for the ice to completely melt.