Dell Introduces New Series Of Touchscreen Laptops

Dell launched a new series of laptops on August 26 that is aimed to create business computing into a more reliable, secure and pleasant experience. Analysts opined that the veteran in the PC maker realizes that in order to maintain their position in the market with terrific competition with tablets and smartphones, they have to introduce some sleek and seductive new computers in the small business markets and corporate PC as it is revealed that unexciting PC doest not attract any more.

According to reliable source, the latest products in the Latitude series of laptops include 7000, 5000, and 3000 series notebooks. The computers are touchscreen Ultrabooks including Windows 8 operating system of Microsoft and Intel’s latest Haswell-based chips.

Dell Introduces New Series Of Touchscreen LaptopsIt is evident that like most of the PC makers, Dell also opines that in order to simplify the process of computing experiences the users want touchscreens. Moreover, they are also planned to modify the performance to blunt the growth of smartphones and tablets as well as offering their own high class and advanced products on mobile front.

Vice president of the commercial computing group and Dell, Kirk Schell, stated at a press conference held in San Francisco that the company is focusing more emphasis on better security for the laptops through advanced technologies that include built-in antivirus and biometric fingerprint identification.

He further informed that Dell adopts the user-friendly industrial design of the advanced XPS consumer laptops and brought them into its fundamental corporate machines. Schell informed that customers are enquiring the reasons behind not getting the sleek designs of the customer laptops in the machines meant for corporate without avoiding any of the enterprise features.

Reliable sources opined that the company mentions the Latitude 14 and Latitude 12 7000 series of computers are among the most secure Ultrabooks of the world with encryption and Dell Data Protection plans on a file level. Moreover, Intel’s vPro extensions are an exclusive feature of the machines that allow the IT managers to make the configuration of the systems for corporate requirement simple.

The Latitude machines utilized brushed aluminum, woven carbon fiber, reinforced magnesium alloy, durable powder-coated underside spill resistant keyboards and LCD seals. Moreover, they also include Corning Gorilla Glass NBT touchscreens that is proved to almost 10 times better scratch resistance than that of the usual soda lime glass used in the common laptops.

Sources informed that the 12-inch model belongs to the 7000 series are weighed 2.99 pounds and approx 20 millimeters thick. However, the 3000 and 5000 series are offered by the companies with various screen sizes including 15.6 inch or 14.1-inch touchscreens. It is notable that the machine includes the Core i7 ultra low-voltage processors of Intel that is quite effective to provide extended life to the batteries.

The laptops of 7000 series features a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels or 1366 by 768 pixels on the display of their touchscreen. It is also informed that Dell Latitude 700 series is sold in the market at $1050. The touch enable version of the model will be available from September 12 onwards. The latitude 5000 Series will be released in the coming October.