Nintendo Announced To Launch 2DS This October

Experts are offering mixed reactions on new Nintendo 2DS. Wired called it weird while TechCrunch mentioned it as “hideous”. According to reliable sources, the new 2DS handheld console would perform alongside the Wii U price cut to enhance the sales especially in the vital Christmas season.

2DSAs revealed in a recent declaration, the 2DS is the economic version of the controversial 3DS handheld that has launched in 2011. It is reported that the new machine would release on 12 October across Europe. Critics informed that the new machine includes the same internal hardware like that of the 3DS but contains no stereoscopic 3D functionality. In addition, it also features a new slate design replacing the hinged clam shell configuration that is characterized by the DS range.

The dual camera lenses have been preserved in a strange manner that is believed to capture stereotypic images. However, in order to view the full display users require transferring them to a 3Ds. It is notable that the twin display provided the same size akin to the real 3Ds screens.

It also maintains the proper Wireless internet connection that even allows maintaining the popular SpotPass and StreetPass social connectivity features. It is informed that initially the machine will be available in market in four attractive color schemes including red, blue, black and white color schemes. Moreover, it is predicted that the machine will sale on market at £110 and one can save up to £30 to £35 from the cheapest 3DS offers.

Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America mentioned the console as the gaming system of an entry level handheld. However, it is worth to mention over here that numerous critics opined that this move indicates the acceptance that the 3D gaming is an absolutely blunder. Reviews revealed that since the last two and half years, the 3DS has shifted about 33m units, whereas in the same period, the original DS machine had sold above 45m units.

Experts alleged that the stereoscopic screens cause nausea to numerous gamers. Most strikingly, Nintendo itself admitted that the health warning advising against the viewing of stereoscopic effects of the screens especially for the children aged below seven. These factors along with the high price of the machine served as a restriction to the buyers who enabled making the DS launch successful.

Critics are of the opinion that Nintendo is predicted to lose the ground to its rival Microsoft and Sony both of which are going to launch their mew games in coming November. Head of games at IHS Electronics and Media, Piers Harding-Rolls stated that the launch of 2DS is a sensible act. Launching the new economic, non-hinged products and non-3D closes the gap left in the portfolio of Nintendo created by the decline of the original DS platform.

The research director at Gartner, Brian Blau, opined that despite of the fact that 3D part of the 3DS was interesting there are some major concerns regarding the 3D content and the screen. He further that he hardly believe that the new device would have enough impact on their overall performance. This criticism would lead the new device to face new challenges.