What to Consider when Buying Beard Oil

Who said growing a beard is a cakewalk? Neither is maintaining it a walk in the park. The longer the beards, the higher the chance of getting dirt and bacteria attacks. Don’t you think using a mere shampoo and a conditioner is enough to give you the appearance and growth you need in a beard- that won’t. You need a conditioner that can moisturize the hair follicles while leaving a pleasant sensation. Beard oil answers the myriad of questions you have on buying the right beard oil.

But before you go ahead and get lost to the marketing gimmicks by brands, it’s prudent you learn a few tips on what to look for in beard oil. That’s what this article is all about.

The ingredients

The ingredients in beard oil will determine many things. It’s such an integral part you must get right so you don’t get something that will turn out to affect your skin. If you’ve a sensitive skin, this is a vital step because many beard oil products can cause irritation and rashes. Dermatologists recommend that one use the oil that contains natural ingredients because they are the safest to use. You also need to consider the hydration factor. Get hydration -retaining beard oil – almond and ginger would work so well with any skin type.

The brand

Not every beard oil brand will serve well for your facial hair. Every brand has its values and proposition, and that determines the quality of its products. Get a trusted brand that believes in its products. You’ll know that by checking their warranty-the longer the period of the warranty, the more they trust their products, and that’s the kind of beard oil product you need. Stick only to those brands with great natural reviews. That means other customers are satisfied with the oil and the probability of its working for you is also high.


There are so many beard-oil brands in the market with mind-blowing fragrances. Products that have a great smell are a favorite for all. When buying them, you have to look for something that smells what you like. The scent in such is due to the carrier in them. If you buy something that smells like rotten eggs just because the marketer had a toll on you, then you may end up throwing it away.

Know your skin and hair type

Beard oils are manufactured as per the skin type, and that’s critical when choosing any. The ingredients in the oil are friendly to the skin type. For instance, if you’ve dry skin, argan oil is an excellent product for you. It will help moisturize your skin, and therefore you feel comfortable. If your skin is acne-prone, you thus can opt for jojoba and grapeseed oil. This type of beard growth oil contains all ingredients and helps maintain a thick beard. Avoid oils with alcohol because they can play up with skin texture.

When looking for beard oil, make sure you choose a type that you can easily apply. Beard oil naturally has a fantastic texture, but that doesn’t mean you lower your guards in your choice. Buy from the right brand, and most importantly, seek advice from a dermatologist before you invest in any.