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Does technology align with the Common Core? [COMIC]

This is the first web comic in a new series on the Daily Genius we’re calling ‘Daily Genius Comics‘. Clever title, eh? Check back on a regular basis for more whimsical looks at technology, education, social media, business, startups, and more. They’re ‘comics to make you smarter.’

Too often do we see products like apps, web tools, and other resources claim to ‘align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the United States. As if this is some sort of incredibly valuable bit of information, many products slap a sticker that exclaims this with big bold font and colors. Oh, the colors.

So as we see a big push of technology into education, it made the Daily Genius crew wonder … does technology align with the Common Core? Then we started wondering if anything aligned? Then we started questioning if a sense of humor aligned! Then we started yelling, kicking, screaming, and wondering if we can stop using the term ‘aligned’ all the time?

Ahem. Anyway. Sorry about that.

As part of the brand new recurring-if-you-like-it series here on Daily Genius, we’re making some fun comics that we thought everyone will enjoy. First topic: education. This comic is designed to make any teacher, student, or school leader laugh and potentially sigh. If you don’t do either of those things after reading this, then it’s time to stop using the term ‘align’ all day. Enjoy the comic and let us know what you think! We work hard on them and hope you enjoy, share, etc. Thanks!

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daily genius common core comic

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