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How to start using Apple’s newest time-saving features in iOS 8

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are officially out and in the wild. That means iOS 8 is being used by millions of people who are looking to figure out what’s different and how it can help them on a daily basis. Lucky for you, Apple has shared some simple but effective visual guides to how you can save time and stress while using the latest operating system.

Below is a handy set of visuals designed to explain how to use the newest time-saving features in iOS 8. Basically, the majority of the new features are saving you a tap or a swipe. Like replying to text messages right from the notification window instead of having to open the Messages app. Stuff like that.

So without further delay, here’s the good stuff.

Siri is less sucky! It can now identify songs – all you have to do is ask ‘what’s this song?’ in your language. Honestly, it’s one of the best time-saving features in iOS 8 right now. Just wait and you’ll see.

siri song

Take selfies on a timer! Put your phone down and take some longer distance shots. Great for group shots.

selfie timer

Respond to a message right from the notification box. Saves you a click and from opening the Messages app. Sweet.

message respond

Send an audio message right from your Messages box. Great for sharing a voice note when you don’t have time (or desire) to type.

voice messages

Swipe left AND right on your new Mail inbox to see a slew of time-saving options. Great for getting to inbox zero.

mail swiping

Get push notifications when a particular email is replied to. Perfect if you’re writing to people not in your VIP list.

reply notifications

Get easier access to people you contact the most. Just double-tap the home button.

contact access iphone

Swipe left in a text message conversation and see when messages were sent. Handy!

text messages left

Share your purchases with family and trusted friends. Family Sharing on iOS 8 is great for saving you some money and technical difficulties.

family sharing iphone

There Are More!

We’ll be adding to this list through other posts on Daily Genius on a regular basis. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or on Twitter to stay in the know!

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