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The top education trends worth knowing about

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The top education trends worth knowing about

Do you know the top education trends that are being used in classrooms around the world? What about the differences between a flipped classroom and a BYOD classroom? They’re actually a lot more similar than you might think.

In an effort to help you figure out the key differences and similarities, I put together the below list of the biggest trends I’ve been seeing in classrooms around the world.

Each trend may seem unique and particularly interesting, but they all have one thing in common: the goal is to create a powerful learning experience. Whether it’s through leveraging education technology, forming smaller groups for project-based learning, or totally flipping the classroom, the goals are all the same.

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This list is by no means complete and is going to keep evolving. Look for new trends to crop up and for some of these to slowly disappear. That’s the nature of trends, after all. Whether it’s in education or not, a trend is something that is popular right now but may not be in the near future.

Does that mean education technology, flipped classrooms, gamification, or other learning trends are going to vanish soon? Probably not. But what about over the next decade or two? Think education technology will be as novel as it is right now? Probably not, in my opinion. Technology will be even more ubiquitous and simply just another way for students, teachers, and school leaders to interact.

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