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4 innovative new online courses available on edX


4 innovative new online courses available on edX

If you’re looking for some of the best online courses and hoping to unlock some new learning potential, then listen up. There are a bunch of new free online courses from edX that you should check out and they range in everything from the usual computer science studies to technology in bio-based products … whatever that is?

There’s also great courses on how drinking water treatment works, how to make your own app and even ideas about how ancient Greek tragedies happened. So basically there’s something for everybody. Most of those courses that I just listed are currently available on edX. That’s one of my favorite online course providers so you should check out some of the courses today.

What are some of your favorite online courses that are totally free and great to take? Share them with the Daily Genius community on the Facebook page or mention @dailygenius sometime on Twitter!

Introduction to Drinking Water Treatment – View Course

Learn about urban water services, focusing on conventional technologies for drinking water treatment.

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours (Hours 16-21): The Hero in Tragedy – View Course

Focusing on the Greek hero best known to us from the perspective of world literature – as viewed through the lens of Tragedy – this is the fourth of five modules on the Ancient Greek Hero as portrayed in classical literature, song, performance, art, and cult.

harvardx course on edx

Technology For Biobased Products – View Course

Learn the basics of process design for biobased products. From feedstock to biomaterials, chemicals and biofuels.

Engineering Software As A Service (SaaS) – View Course

This course teaches the fundamentals of software engineering using Agile techniques to develop Software as a Service using Ruby on Rails.

The class will consist of lecture videos, which are broken into small chunks, usually between eight and twelve minutes each. Some of these may contain integrated “check-yourself” questions. There will also be programming assignments and standalone exams/quizzes, which are not part of the video lectures.

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