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Louis van Gaal: soccer philosopher and powerpoint guy


Louis van Gaal: soccer philosopher and powerpoint guy

Louis van Gaal, the new manager at Manchester United, is known as one of football’s purists. Wedded to a particular style of high-tempo possession football, with a fondness for the 4-3-3 formation, he’s seen as a man who thinks deeply about the game and the way it should be played.

And so it proves. This powerpoint, from his days as manager in Barcelon is an expression of how his approach meets the ‘Barcelona way”.

It’s not a pretty document (this didn’t come from a fancy agency), and, with it’s four phases of football possession, the preparation of creation and the emphasis on ‘definition’ (aka scoring), it’s not a simple one either.

An approach which requires intelligence, analytic skills, physical fitness and positional discipline.

Good luck, Wayne.


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