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The best Google Drive cheat sheets


The best Google Drive cheat sheets

Do you use Google Drive to manage your digital life? Most of us do. In fact, many online students use it to submit homework and projects to their online school. So, when it comes to online learning, Google Drive and it’s myriad of features are a must-try suite of tools for you.

It’s not easy to truly become an expert-level user of Google Drive, though. There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts and features that are tough to master. These little-known features and shortcuts are actually going to save you a boatload of time, though.

In an effort to help you become a better teacher, student, or lifelong learner, Daily Genius is here for you!

First, Let’s Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

The first cheat sheet comes from MakeUseOf, a site that’s a great resource for figuring out how to do just about anything. If you love how-to guides, this is the site for you.


Now, Let’s Look At The New Google Drive Design

This Google Drive Cheat Sheet from Shakeup Learning is a great (and printable!) way to get your life in order. At least, your digital life.


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