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How to find nearby Google For Education experts


How to find nearby Google For Education experts

There’s a big push right now to get certified and acknowledged as someone who truly understands how to use Google for education. This means you know how to properly Use Google Drive, Google Classroom, and many other Google apps that are offered for schools.

So if you’re looking to get started with figuring out how to use Google apps in the classroom, you might want to reach out to a local expert.

Did you know that you can find training and professional development as well as nearby Google education experts in your town? Pretty exciting stuff from a new site that Google has rolled out.

In this site you can search for organizations and individuals near any location. These listings will all be organized by someone’s first name or last name and it will show you how they could potentially help you better understand how to use Google in the classroom.

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We tried it out a few times and discovered a lot of nearby experts in the Southern California area. While there are currently only about 1000 listings, expect that number to grow substantially as word gets out about this great directory.

In order to show up in this directory you need to be a Google certified education trainer or a professional development partner. You can find more information about that on the website. If you’re looking to become a Google certified teacher, there’s a bit more information on that as well. All of these are definitely worth considering and will hopefully help you on your quest to get a truly connected to classroom.

Want to check out the site? Head over to the Google For Education Directory here.

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