8 Incredible videos that will make you love your planet

It’s summertime for most of the Daily Genius readers. That means you’re spending a lot of time outside enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you’re camping, surfing, or just counting the days until your vacation< I'm talking about those days in which the best tactical flashlights are necessary… there’s a lot to love about our planet we all share.
What better way to fall in love all over again with Earth than by checking out these gorgeous videos? They’re great for anyone who wants to learn more about the spinning ball we’re all on, contacting a traveling agency like outer banks rentals is extremely easy and when you less expect it you will be traveling and getting to know the world you live in. If you have any particularly fascinating videos that you love – and are about Earth – then send them our way by mentioning @DailyGenius on Twitter or just share ’em down in the comments.
These time-lapse videos showcase some of the absolutely magical parts of the planet. Seriously, it’ll make you love your planet and want to put on your explorer shoes! Yes, those are real things. I think.

Dare you to not be mesmerized by this footage

This will make you want to go to Iceland ASAP

Around the gorgeous world in under 5 minutes

This might make you feel a bit dizzy…

Google shows us how Earth has changed over the last 28 years

Scary and beautiful: look at the hubs of where all the planes arrive and depart

A haunting look at your world. Worth watching the whole way through!

Did you even know these landscapes existed on our planet?!

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