Check out how John Oliver is taking on for-profit colleges

Just a handful of months ago, John Oliver was simply an amusing correspondent and fill-in anchor on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was funny. He had a humorous podcast called The Bugle.
Then he got his own well-deserved show on HBO. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explains complex issues through humor and sometimes advocates for his viewers to take action.
In a recent episode, he explains why many students are, well, completely buried by debt and have no hope in getting out. They’ve taken on debt to improve their lives. But is that actually happening?
To be frank, no.
Oliver focuses on the crushing debt of students at for-profit colleges. He also advocates for his audience to take action. Check out this petition that was posted on the show’s Facebook page. It’s a letter to the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities which he targets quite a bit in the show.
It’s nice to see a fresh show like Last Week Tonight. Whether you agree with what Oliver says or not, you can’t deny that getting more informed and involved with the world around you is a bad thing. So take action, change the world, and laugh a little bit along the way.
Oliver is here to help you out. Be sure to check out the entire 16 minute video embedded below. It’s worth a watch.

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