How to cure your mobile phone addiction

You either know one, or you are one – one of those people who twitch if their phone is out of reach. Who habitually pick it up and check for messages. Who ignore the people in front of them to send messages or post updates instead. Which are received by the people in front of them. Mobile phone addiction is reaching epidemic levels.
Smartphones are wonderfully connective devices, a huge shift in the way we connect to information and to each other. But they intrude hugely in modern life. So many of us seem addicted and a simple ‘put that thing down’ doesn’t really work. We’ve talked before about the benefits of a digital detox, but this is a specific kind of digital life support that we don’t seem to be able to do without.
The first stage in any addiction is admitting the problem, so do yourself a favour, admit that it’s you and find some help, either from a friend, or trained professionals. It’s easy to find a DC addiction help┬áspecialist, also let this, from Front Range, help you work through the steps to recovery.

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