Check out this stunning time-lapse of the Atlas V launch

The Atlas V launch this week was a stunning achievement for mankind. The seemingly impossible has become downright routine thanks to the hard work of countless men and women.
I can’t think of a better way to display how inspiring and noble their pursuits are than by displaying this incredible photo from John Kraus.  He’s a 15 year old photographer from Satellite Beach, Florida in the U.S.
Quite impressive for a photographer of any age, John. Well done.

About The Atlas V Launch And Mission

The Atlas V launch is part of the Magnetic Multiscale mission. Also known as MMS, it consists of 4 identical space vehicles designed to run plasma physics experiments in Earth’s magnetosphere. The stated goal is to aid scientists to better grasp something called ‘magnetic reconnection’ which has been observed in plasmas.
This magnetic reconnection occurs in Earth’s magnetosphere and leads to the release of massive amounts of energy when there are intersecting field lines.
We’ll be sure to follow the mission on Future Spotter and showcase NASA and other space explorer’s achievements.

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