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A crowdsourced list of 10 top education apps worth trying


A crowdsourced list of 10 top education apps worth trying

We’re hard at work improving Daily Genius and our newest product DashEDU. In case you’re new to the community, Daily Genius is a place where professionals can learn something new every day. DashEDU just launched and is a ‘dashboard for education’ where you can easily submit links to interesting stories, products, events, jobs, etc. It’s all updated in real-time and runs like an app (because it’s built on an app framework actually!).

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The reason we created these sites is to help you better understand what’s happening in your professional world. What better way than by identifying some of the most popular and beloved education apps on the market?

Rather than present a static list, we’re leveraging the power of DashEDU where you can vote for and comment on any education app or web tool you wish.

How To Add To The List

Want to add to the list? Just click here to head over to DashEDU. Create an account and then click ‘Post’ and add in the URL to your favorite tool. Make sure you select ‘Apps & Web Tools’ as the category and you’re all set!

Want to get your app to the top of the list? Tell your friends to vote for it and leave comments. DashEDU uses an algorithm that takes comments, votes, and the status of a user into account. It’s a bit complicated but – long story short- the best stuff rises to the top. Simple as that.

How To View The Updated List

Want to view the most updated version of this list? Click here or click on the image below. It’ll take you to the proper DashEDU page. You can scroll down to see what the list looks like at the time of this article’s publication, though. Enjoy!

top education apps web tools

A crowdsourced list of 10 top education apps worth trying

1) Google Classroom Classroom is available to anyone with Google Apps for Education, a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

2) ClassDojo ClassDojo helps students develop the behaviors and character strengths they need for lifelong success.

3) iTunes U iTunes U is the best way to create and experience courses on iPad.  The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Whether you’re majoring in molecular biology at a university, taking Spanish in high school, or just interested in European history, you now have a valuable tool to help you learn anytime, anywhere.

4) Edmodo Edmodo makes a teacher’s daily life easier by providing a safe and easy way for teachers and students to engage and collaborate for free, anytime, anywhere.

5) Socrative – Educators can initiate formative assessments through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races all with their Socrative app. Socrative will instantly grade, aggregate and provide graphs of results to help you identify opportunities for further instruction. Save time and visualize student understanding when it matters, now!

6) TeacherKit Over a million educators worldwide trust TeacherKit with managing their time and activities. TeacherKit helps you organize classes and students easily. Create a seating chart, record attendance, log behavior, and track grades all with few taps. TeacherKit lifts the headache of routine administration, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you – teaching.

7) Coursera Coursera connects you with free online courses from 115+ of the top universities and educational institutions in the world including Stanford, Yale, Princeton and others. Browse our catalog, join courses and watch lectures from the world’s best instructors. Learn anytime, anywhere, in topics ranging from computer science to cooking and beyond.

8) SkyView – SkyView brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more!

9) Nearpod The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students’ iPads, iPhones, iPods or Macs. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

10) SchoologyWith Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere. Start by registering for a free Schoology account today.

Jeff is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count. Okay, like maybe 5 or 6. Jeff can indeed count that high but it's not recommended. Jeff also likes to write bios in the third-person.


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