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Why you should share your best education ideas


Why you should share your best education ideas

Your ideas might seem obvious to you – they may, in fact, seem so mundance that you may not think it worthy of sharing. In fact, this may happen to you every day: you come up with an idea but then think ‘well I’m sure everyone else already know this” so you don’t mention your creative idea to anyone. That’s a problem.

The explosion of social networks has led to more sharing than ever before. It’s not always the best and most insightful content…but just about everything online can now be passed on to others. And that is a good thing. That little shaft of an idea that you share, that small insignificant insight can make a big difference to someone else. And if that person is a teacher, and that leads to an inspirational lesson – who knows what seeds have been planted in young minds?

Use this video from Derek Sivers as an inspiration to share your thoughts, ideas, problems and just about anything else. After all, what’s obvious to you is probably not to others. But it can be. And if you need a platform to share it on, we strongly suggest you try this

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