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Learning resource: better understand the future of flight


Learning resource: better understand the future of flight

The future of flight is not being decided by developed countries. That’s according to a fascinating new visual provided by Airbus. They talked to an array of countries around the world and ask people what they think about the future of travel, social media, and more.

In this study, they saw the people from emerging economies are going to play the biggest role in terms of the future of travel and how much it matters to all of us.

They also listed some of the biggest factors that annoy us by country. The top being delays and late arrivals, then slow check-ins, and finally waiting for baggage. So it’s probably safe to assume they’ll be focusing on identifying ways to make this a better experience in the near future.

That being said, this visual talks about how air travel will change by the year 2050. While it doesn’t go into details about what a new plane will look like or anything like that, it does talk about the need to focus on being environmentally sustainable, more affordable, and places a large amount of importance on on enabling airlines to offer more flights.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, you’ll learn something from this visual guide!

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