The essential teacher’s guide to social media

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If you’ve been to this site more than once. you’ll know that (a) social media is everywhere and (b) it can be extraordinarily useful for teachers. Yet with only 26% of US teachers using Twitter, for example, there’s an industry-wide reticence to use social media in the classroom.

There’s help though, and encouragement. And if those don’t get you tweeting and posting like the best of them, try this info graphic too, from OnlineColleges.

You know you’re going to crack and try it at some point. May as well be now…


Jimmy Leach
Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working in as many places who'll have him, currently including ICANN, GEMs, Unbound and Portland. Prior to that he's been Head of Digital Diplomacy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Editorial Director for Digital at The Independent, Head of Digital Communications for the Prime Minister in Downing Street, digital director at Freud and executive editor at He needs to stick to jobs for longer. He lives in south London with the missus and three kids.
Jimmy Leach


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