The essential teacher’s guide to social media

If you’ve been to this site more than once. you’ll know that (a) social media is everywhere and (b) it can be extraordinarily useful for teachers. Yet with only 26% of US teachers using Twitter, for example, there’s an industry-wide reticence to use social media in the classroom.

There’s help though, and encouragement. And if those don’t get you tweeting and posting like the best of them, try this info graphic too, from OnlineColleges.

You know you’re going to crack and try it at some point. May as well be now…


Written by Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at

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  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I really liked the way you have put up your ideas to use social media in class. The ones that you have mentioned regarding “connect” and “curate” are very interesting. It is indeed essential to let students know about the upcoming assignments or class events. Curate is another section wherein students can look for on-topic videos or other related lessons. In other ways, it reminds me of a lot of interactive things that a teacher can do to enhance interest among students in his or her subject. It may not have direct impact on the exam results but it can certainly indulge students in their studies and classroom activities in a better way.

    Social media in businesses too is not meant for direct sales but it rather leads to building a large audience which is likely to respond better when it comes to buying products. For that matter there are some misconceptions about social media that prevail among marketers due to which businesses do not perform that well.

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