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Your essential guide to YouTube playlists


Your essential guide to YouTube playlists

YouTube has been around for quite a long time. You’d think that, by now, we’d have got the hang of it.

Yet most of us are pretty passive users – watching videos when they’re emailed to us or we spot them on social media. We see a link, click and sit back. Hardly any of use use the playlist facility, for example.

Those of you who use YouTube to host your own video, and channels, really ought to get with the programme on this one. Playlists allow you to organise you users’ viewing – you can place videos in a logical order so that things make sense. And the videos auto play, so that your viewers will follow the programming you’ve given them, and watch for longer – and it’s that viewing time that seriously helps in the optimisation (fundability) of videos on YouTube.

So if you want people to actually see your videos, seriously consider this advice, from Vidpow, and watch those viewing figures go up.



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Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at @JimmyTLeach


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