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  • Teen addiction to screens can lead to obesity

    Too much television time has long been linked to childhood obesity, but a U.S. study suggests that the connection holds true for smaller screens too, such as computers, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones. With TV, a minimum five-hour-a-day habit increased the odds of obesity by 78 percent compared with teens who didn’t have TV time, […]

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  • Six podcasts to make you better people in 2017

    While the New Year marks an opportunity to better ourselves, it’s hard to keep up the momentum after the good intentions turn into resentment and shame. To help stay on track with those 2017 resolutions, Caitlin Thompson, US Director of Content at Podcasting platform, Acast, will listen to these podcasts, enjoying the community they provide. Be […]

  • Crowd-sourced maps for natural disasters boosted by new algorithm

    Humanitarian workers delivering aid to regions hit by natural disasters might find it a little easier to reach people most in need of help following new advances in crowd-sourced mapping technology, according to researchers. Traditional maps often do not give rescue workers the information they need when disasters strike, such as which buildings and bridges […]

  • Erase All Kittens

    Computer sciences needs a change of image and approach

    It’s a simple divide, embedded in the culture and materials of teaching and learning computer sciences: there are geeks and there are creatives, and the two simply do not mix. That pigeonholing is not the overt intention of the revamp of the UK computing curriculum, updated in 2014 to give greater emphasis on how to […]

  • Ascend Learning is ‘exploring possible sale’

    Ascend Learning, a U.S. maker of educational software used in sectors such as healthcare, is exploring a sale that it hopes will value the company at more than $2 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. The deal would come as buyout firms continue to invest in the educational software sector at […]

  • Seven apps to learn seven new skills

    Skoove  is an entertaining and individualized way to learn the piano from your computer. Traditionally, learning the piano can seem daunting for novices: learning sheet music, as well as buying and housing a piano. Skoove works across leading web browsers and offers a set of intuitive and responsive courses in contemporary and classical music. Simply […]

  • How kids can play Pac-Man with living microbes

    Playing classic video games like Pac-Man with living single-celled microbes thinner than a human hair is now possible thanks to an interactive microscope developed by bioengineers at Stanford University. After several prototypes, the researchers released blueprints earlier this month for a “LudusScope” in the international scientific journal PLOS ONE, offering kids of all ages a […]