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The busy educator’s guide to mobile learning


The busy educator’s guide to mobile learning

Students of all ages seem to have a smartphone in their hand during most of the day. Whether it’s being used for educational purposes (ha!) or for Snapchat and WhatsApp (more likely), these devices are incredibly useful for the modern student.

How is a teacher able to tap into this power, though?

If only there was some sort of useful guide to mobile learning that took about a minute to go through and understand. Oh wait! There is! It’s right here on the Daily Genius, actually.

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Below are just some useful factoids and tips from various sources around the web. This visual guide is designed to not take a lot of time but still offer some expert advice on what mobile learning is, who can use it, how to use it, and more.

The biggest barrier to trying out relatively new learning trends like this is time. No one has any of it to spare. So this visual was made keeping that in mind. We’ll be doing a series of ‘busy educator’ guides that you can pick up, scan, and absorb at least something useful. Then you can move on and, in the back of your mind, contemplate implementing something like this. Good luck!

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