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10 tips for getting started with Google Classroom


10 tips for getting started with Google Classroom

One of the biggest innovations in education happened just about a week ago. It wasn’t a new iPad or a new iteration of the Common Core. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No, it was the announcement of a new way to make your Google-based classroom a lot more cohesive. The reason this is such big news is because so many teachers around the world have ‘gone Google’ and are now using Google Apps for Education. With the announcement of a new online learning management platform, Google has officially staked its claim as a powerhouse in the world of education.

The fact that all of Google’s education tools are completely free doesn’t hurt, either.

The newest product is called Google Classroom and it’s been proven to be quite a popular addition to the powerful suite of tools already being offered by the search giant. (Can we even call them a search giant anymore? Google just feels like it’s taking over the Internet, not just search. Anyway…)

Google Classroom lets you easily manage assignments, communications, and many other facets of daily classroom life right from the comfort of the apps and web tools you were already using. They whipped up a handy chart (embedded below) that details exactly how to get started with their newest feature.

google classroom tips

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