HOT 7 Countries For Wedding: Wedding Business All Over The World

Wedding abroad can be the most excited event in your life. It is also the best time and the beginning of a new life the newly married couple and their guests. Of course, it is important to consider the number of organization facts, concerning the wadding traditions of one or another country.

Wedding abroad is not a dream! You can make your dream come true. Wedding business is very popular and mostly profitable. Everyone wants to get married on the seaside with the white sand, sea and cocktails. Do you like such scenery? You may read the article about the most popular countries for wedding. Wedding business prospers and grows rapidly.

Ma(rrie)d in Maldives


Maldives are famous of their exotic beauty. You can have the wedding ceremony according to European or local traditions. Your wedding ceremony can be organized on the seaside or in the tropic garden. If you like extreme, you have an opportunity to have the underwater ceremony. Maldives are the most beautiful places for diving. There are number of specific features:

Firstly, you may take only the ceremonial wedding. Your marriage is not accepted for other countries.

Secondly, choose the season for wedding very carefully. It is better to choose the season from December till April.

Finally, the price for wedding abroad is very high. Everything depends on the agency and number of services. One way or another, there is nothing better than a beautiful wedding ceremony on the seashore to remember. People are always ready to pay for making their special day the most incredible thing.


This is the brightest and colorful variant to have wedding. There is one big advantage: you may have official wedding ceremony with all necessary documents. This is also a chance to enjoy the ocean views to have wedding in the style you like the most: European classic style or Creole, or have a yacht trip over the picturesque ocean. One more thing: try to choose spring or autumn season for wedding, but not summer. It can be very hot in summer. There is also a minus: the price for your Seychelles wedding can be money-losing – more expensive and less romantic than in Maldives.


This island is still the most popular place for wedding. Probably, people like the rich history of the island. According to the legend, this is a place, where Goddess of love Aphrodite was born. Cyprus is also famous of its pleasant climate and nature beauty. If you want to get married here, your marriage will be official ceremony with all proper documents. What is more, the wedding banquet mostly consists of Mediterranean dishes that are useful and healthy. The price for wedding are not very high, they are lower than in Maldives because of the destination.

Kidd's wedding


Italian wedding boasts the wide choice of different cities and villages for ceremony. Everything, as usual, depends on your budget and wedding preferences. You may have classic Rome, mysterious Venice or romantic Verona. The ancient castles, narrow streets in the small country towns, curious bridges are waiting for you. You may also have a wedding on one of the popular islands: Sicily or Sardinia. Thus, the price for wedding can be different, depending on the place of your wedding. You can have your ceremony at any time and season.


This is the most romantic country in the world. Of course, all people want to have romantic wedding. The most popular city for wedding is Paris. This is a unique opportunity to take the most exciting pictures on the back of the Eiffel tower, ancient bridges, castles, The Louvre. The country is rather expensive. So, the budget of your wedding can be very-very high. The walks with your photographer over the streets of Paris boast with the tasty pastry from the local cafes and heart-touching French music. The wedding must be classic and bohemian. How about the wedding in the ancient castle or villa?


Cuba is another popular place for wedding. More and more people come here every year to contract a marriage. The ceremony can be conducted in a big city or friendly village. You can visit Cuba anytime. What is more, the wedding ceremony can be combined with one of many music festivals. The republic attracts people with its colorful history and landscaped. You may pick the beach or city, or yacht for wedding. So, the main pluses are low prices and official ceremony.


The best-visiting place for wedding in Spain is Ibiza. Its charm and pleasant atmosphere attract more and more people every year. They go there just because they want to enjoy their wedding date to the full, in the unique atmosphere. Just hire a car in Ibiza and take your guests to see the country views! This is the unique set of wedding locations for ceremony, meeting guests, wedding banquet, honey moon. The things go better here! You can pick the beautiful romantic beach for wedding to have the blue sky above your head and white sand on your foot.

You can also have a wedding on the sunset. Just imagine how romantic view you can see. Probably, you can ask for the traditional wedding in the old church in a company of your friends and family. You can find everything right here! Ibiza is a favorable platform to start a new life. There are many people, who got their marriage here and they always come back.

Visiting Ibiza is like visiting a new fairy country with lots of impressions and expressions. The wedding ceremony can be also conducted in one of the most popular places – Cala Carbo Bay. Of course, if you want something more romantic, you can try Cala Tarida. The panoramic view from the terrace is charming! It is as marvelous as the sea view around!


Choosing the country for wedding, you should follow your way, your view and your desire. Never be afraid that something will go wrong. The wedding agencies from all over the world can help you to make your dreams come true.