What’s The Perfect Car To Tow Behind Your Motor Home and How To Do It

An RV trip sure does cover your comfort and convenience requirements on the road. But being big and all, it is better not to subject your motor home to narrow roads, sharp turns, and low bridges. Wait. Does that mean you have to miss out on the extra bit of fun of exploring your travel destination? No! Of course not. Right after you get a great deal on one of the diesel motor homes for sale, you can consider towing another vehicle, to get out of this conundrum. Now, it may sound like an easy job, but there are a few things you need to consider rather than randomly selecting just any car and linking it to your motor home. Here are some of the best ways to get more out of your motor home trips.

What’s The Perfect Car To Tow Behind Your Motor Home and How To Do It

Is Your Favorite Car Best for Towing?

Not all cars are designed to be towed by a rig. Selecting one of those cars would certainly make your trip a complicated one, adding extra expenses and stopping at repair stops en route. Spending a bit of time searching for the right car to bring along can save you a world of headache. You can visit your favorite car brand and look through their models to find the one that can be towed. You can even discuss with their authorized personnel and offer them details of your rig to get personalized options. If you own multiple cars and want one of them to be your companion in this motor home trip, then check the owner’s manual and search if it can be towed or not.

Know Which Towing Method is Best for You: Yes, there are many. But, mainly three different towing methods are used to successfully bring another vehicle along with your motor home. Selecting the right method can add security to your travels, without piling up the fuel costs.

Using an Enclosed Trailer: It is a flat and wheeled platform where you can put your vehicle. Equipped with lights, brakes and enough space, these trailers allow you to bring any car model from an array of vehicles to your trip safely. Plus, it is approved by most of the states in the U.S.

Try out Two-Wheel Tow Dolly: This method safely secures the front wheels of your car, while the rear wheels stay on the ground (keeping your car in an inclined position). Although, it may look like it’s just dragging the car behind a motor home, a two-wheel dolly uses different modern steering systems to make even the sharpest turns smooth. Using this towing method does not add mileage to your car. You can choose between electric brake or surge brakes models on the dolly for safety.

Go for Dinghy Towing: This method involves using a tow bar linking the motor home and the vehicle together. Make sure that the vehicle you are thinking of bringing along is relatively lightweight to reduce the wear and tear on the road. Plus, the car has to have manual transmission. You can also find cars with manual transfer case, which can be put on neutral while towing. Otherwise, there would be transmission problems following lubrication issues of output shaft. Turning the car engine on at intervals can take care of the transmission problem, but it can cut into your tightly planned travel schedule.

Towing a vehicle with your rig can help you avoid the parking nightmare and ensure that you don’t have to move around your huge rig to explore the new place. When you decide to buy a diesel motor home for sale, make sure that you have other plans in place. Choosing the right car that you can tow should be high up on that list. You can’t imagine how much you can enjoy your trip with the small inclusion.

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