Is Financial Pressure Still a Factor in the Success of a Relationship?

Although there are many reasons relationships may fail, imbalances in the financial situation of either party are likely to bring attention to the other relevant excuses for ending the relationship. Money can be a difficult conversation to have, depending on the personality of each person in the relationship. However, couples should not have to feel the pressure of Keeping Up With The Joneses or, in today’s case, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.   Instead, by focusing on their connection with one another, they would be able to find issues within the relationship that can be clarified and resolved. Similar to how communication is important in any affair, acceptance and open-mindedness can go a long way in ensuring that a relationship prevails.

Today, gender roles are being slowly re-established. In the same way, the responsibilities associated with gender have to be removed from their archaic iterations to embrace equality in modern society. For instance, couples are no longer limiting the proposal to be an assignment for one gender. Anyone can propose to reassure their commitment toward their partner. Promise rings for men are also available for anyone to purchase as the culture deviates from tradition in consideration of the practicality of silicone-made jewelry.

People seek unconditional love because it entails understanding, patience, and tolerance. Even though this may be difficult to imagine in today’s fickle online dating scene, when you find the right one, you will do your best to try to keep yourself from giving upon them. Here are some things you can think about if you are concerned about financial incompatibility with your partner:

  1. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Empathy can help you gain a better understanding of your loved one’s preferences, concerns, or desires. They might be going through a tough mental battle that you are unaware of, or they may feel uncomfortable in a normal work setting, or maybe they have plans for you as a couple, but they are still working on motivating themselves to start on that dream. Instead of judging them, you could start asking questions about what they might be going through. Remember, communication is important in every relationship.

Unfortunately, not all partners are comfortable with immediately opening up about their struggles or their issues with money. They may also not have had experience analyzing their habits and their connection to the past, specifically how any past trauma might affect their spending habits or work ethics.

This is where patience is necessary for a relationship to succeed. You have to be patient enough to accept that they may not be prepared to explain themselves yet. If you cannot bring yourself to wait until they open up, you could let them know that you are not comfortable with the situation and find a way to reconcile or call things off if there is no intent of communicating in the foreseeable future.

  1. Openly Accept Social Truths About Wealth

Jobs are difficult to find and, sadly, there are predetermining factors that can give some resumes a boost over others. You could consider the background of your partner and compare it to your own. They may not have had the same education or family that you were privileged to have. These tend to impact their outlook on life, as well as their spending or saving habits. Overall, it will have a general effect on their ability to find a job, depending on the environment they are placed in.

  1. Partners Support One Another

Some couples may experience an imbalance in their finances where one works and the other one does not, or a significant difference in their salaries. Regardless of the situation of either partner, they have to show support for one another. If one of them is having a hard time finding a job, their significant other has to help them out and avoid the difficult situation where their loved one feels like a financial burden.

On the other hand, if their partner is successful in life, they should be happy for them. It is a matter of providing both emotional and financial support. Contrary to the popular saying, money has an impact on the happiness of an individual because a lack of it prevents them from realizing their goals.

In reality, romance is more difficult than romantic or romcom movies make them out to be. It takes a lot of patience and understanding for couples to overcome the societal financial burden placed upon them. As they work on becoming financially resilient, at least they have each other.

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