Fashion & Style In UAE: TOP 8 Fashionable Establishments In Dubai

Every city has its own atmosphere and aura. Every city has its own characteristics and style. It is time to speak about fashion life in Dubai. As you know, Dubai is a city of chic and style. This is a top city in fancy architecture, hand-made creations and elegant clothes for men and women. You can feel the real style and fashion here!

Have you ever been to Dubai? Have you ever visited the biggest shopping festival in Dubai that lasts for a month? More than 70 trade centers and 6 000 of the city shops take part in the festival. Such popular fashion events as Fashion Week Middle East Dubai, Dubai Fashion Week and Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience welcome popular designer from all over the world. You can find stylish things in Dubai everywhere: trade centers, markets, hotels, attractions and even cars. So, start with your car. It is recommended to hire a car in Dubai and go hunting for style.

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Palazzo Versace Dubai

Of course, the most popular hotel in Dubai is worth mentioning. It is all about Palazzo Versace Dubai that was founded by Versace Fashion House. This is a real piece of art, but not a hotel. It looks like a chic palace of the 16th century. There is a strange but marvelous garden in the territory. The hotel is 15 minutes driving from the airport and city center. It is very comfortable place to promenade to lux restaurants and high class boutiques. The furniture and textile were developed by Versace House special for Palazzo Versace Dubai. The hotel is organized with colorful mosaic and marble that was represented by Italian sculptors.

Each of 8 hotel restaurants and pubs boasts with big open-air terrace, where you can feel the atmosphere of patio. You can take your meeting there. There are also 3 open-air swimming pools, decorated with flowers and palms. The view is really admirable! This hotel is a real masterpiece, gaining your heart with style and elegance.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Meet the next fashionable miracle in Dubai – beautiful design hotel Armani Hotel. It takes 11 levels of the world popular skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The hotel design was developed by prominent fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The rooms are furnished with elegant furniture and decorations, made by Armani Casa. You can see black wood and natural stones, rich textile and leather for decoration. The rooms design is characterized with wavy lines and luxurious textiles. There is a big SPA salon and direct way to the Dubai Mall shopping center.

All 7 restaurants of Armani Dubai serve luxurious dishes of Japanese cuisine in modern interpretation. What about cafes? You can feel yourself a part of glamorous life, visiting the most popular parties in the city. They are held right here, in the hotel cafe.

Classic Room Coastal View

Cavalli Club

This is not a hotel, but stylish and elegant club that takes three levels of Fairmont Hotel. Do you like lux weekend? Come in! Everything is impressive: design furniture made of brand textiles, fountains, design lamps decorated with Swarovski. Every little thing was made by Cavalli design. Cavalli Club keeps the profile. For example, all products that are used for restaurant must be delivered from Italy by plane.

Armani Club

The club of prominent Italian designer Giorgio Armani is very easy to find. It is located in Burj Khalifa building. This is two stored accommodation that takes two first floors of the biggest building in the world! Everything is decorated in black, combining it with bright lights. The music is really cool! So, style, good music and fashioned people are the components of this place.

Buddha Bar

Meet one of many cult entertainments in the city. This bar is impressive place with its own culture, atmosphere and size. The club-restaurant is the right place for those who do not like noisy parties. You can spend comfortable time here for all night. It is like dining in the museum or souvenir shop. Menu includes Chinese, Thai, Japanese and European cuisine.

GQ Bar

This respectable place is famous because of the popular men’s magazine of the same name – GQ. The club is placed in the building of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel, taking two levels of a huge area. The main design attributes are big fire place in the lounge zone and wall, decorated with GQ pages.

The club’s menu was developed by prominent cooker – the cooker of the Prince of Wales. The guests are offered to try dinner or supper of international cuisine: black truffles, mascarpone and tasty souses. The menu boasts with the wide range of alcohols, including wines and cocktails. What about Crime of Passion, Pommie Punch or Taittinger Champaign?

Never forget about the best-visiting fashion places – shops and boutiques! You should go shopping even if you are not planning to buy something. This is not a shop, but real city sight.


Sauce ROCKS boutique was created on the base of Sauce – fashion boutique of the same name. This ritzy place is specialized in jewelry of local and foreign designers. It is really interesting to visit this boutique – this is a great chance to find exclusive bracelets from Bil Arabi, jewelry from Joanna Nakhle and impressive things from Ralph Masri, Ghada Exclusives, MarMar and Th’haba.

Level Shoe District

Do you like comfortable and beautiful shoes? Do you like feel impressive and impress people you’re your shoes? You should visit shoe shop – the biggest in Dibai Mall.  You can find new collections from Kenzo, Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant. The choice is big and really interesting. By the way, you can easily fit your shoes in the shoe salon The Cobbler.


Hayley Marsden Millinery – remember this name, if you are really interested in fashion. This is interesting and very talented Dubai designer from Great Britain. His profile is making hats. Every new hat is masterpiece. Nevertheless, it is not problematic to call for meeting to discuss the idea of your new hat! It is going to be original and unique.


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