Fast Food In Dubai: TOP 7 Cafes To Eat Plain and Familiar Food

Modern Dubai is touristic, financial and business center of the region. The hundreds of hotels, shops, restaurants and night clubs are concentrated here. There are many big trade centers and markets in the city. This is a great opportunity for business and trade, sport and leisure activities. What is more, Dubai is the city, where you will never feel hungry.

The best city restaurants offer to eat dishes of French, Italian, Mexican, Asian and other cuisine. The most of hotels boast their bars and brunching places. Dubai also popular of the international restaurants, such as TGI Fridays or Planet Hollywood, and restaurant chain Blue Elephant, Trader Vics and Benihana. Do you have enough time to visit all of them? You can also find something cheaper but similarly tasty and fresh.

Everyone has different budgets. Some people prefer tasty dinner for 1000 $ to wasting money for excursion or souvenir shop. It is very difficult to stay hungry in Dubai. Don’t spoil your trip by shopping and cooking. You can easily have breakfast and lunch in the hotel and go to have dinner in the city. What about the prices for food and what are the most easy-to-get eating places, cafes and restaurants. You can hire a car in Dubai and go to find the right cafe or restaurant to eat for 10-15 $. Of course, the food from touristic places is more expensive.

fried chicken

American Fried Chicken

Modern Dubai boasts the world popular fast food restaurants. American Fried Chicken is one of them. It is specialized in chicken dishes. The restaurant chain is famous in more than 110 countries of the world to have 16 000 of food points.

Amerikana Chicken Tikka

The restaurants from the restaurant chain Amerikana Chicken Tikka are worth your attention. Of course, it looks like a plain eating point from the first sight. Nevertheless, you can find the tastiest juicy chicken for 11 Dhs! Another chain company is called Burger King to have 12,5 thousands of restaurants in 76 countries of the world.

Chinese Kitchen

The cafe Chinese Kitchen is the food point of the Chinese cuisine. It is located in Jumeirah. This cafe is good for take-away food. Your order is taken at the counter and handled very fast. There are a couple of tables in the cafe. The interior is plain but the food is tasty and the portions are huge.

Pizza Corner

The fast food restaurant Pizza Corner offers to buy pizza, pasta and garnishes, made of chicken wings and salads. There are more than 100 restaurants of this chain.

Pizza Hut

This is another popular restaurant chain that has more than 34 000 of food points in more than 100 countries of the world. The restaurant Pizza Hut owns a couple of food points in Dubai to be specialized in cooking American pizza and garnishes. You are also offered pasta, spicy wings, bread and garlic bread.

"Garlic Bread"


Of course, McDonald’s restaurant is also the most popular fast-food restaurant all over the world! It is situated on the 2nd floor of the Dubai Mall. There are more than 150 food points in the Mall, including ritzy restaurants and fast food cafes. You can find food for any taste and budget here.

Golden Fork

There is popular local restaurant chain that is called Golden Fork. This restaurant chain exceeds all the rest fast food restaurants in quality and variety of European and Eastern cuisine. Some of the restaurants sell alcohol. For example, there is the alcohol free food point in the square of Nasr and in the Orchid Hotel. There are about 16 Golden Fork restaurants in Dubai. In general, there are more than 30 in UAE.

Other Restaurants

One way or another, the variety of cafes and restaurants in Dubai is wide. They are mostly concentrated in the region of Deira, Bar-Dubai. Everything is cooked of fresh products with spices. What do you prefer? There is always cabob, pizza, doner kebab, Pakistani and Indian dishes. Locals like vegetarian cafes, so-called the vegetarian eating houses. You can easily eat something light here with the cup of coffee and tea. The price for street snack is about 15 Dhs. The cheapest food is street doner kebab for 2 Dhs.

Drive your car to the East Coast of the Dubai Creek. There are many cafeterias, where you can drink tasty coffee. There is another attractive place – Basta Art Cafe. It is situated in the patio of the ancient house of one of the historical city regions.


Colored Restaurant Marks

All eating points are colored with cards of different colors. They are the cards of hygiene and safety for visitors. There are five colors: white, red, yellow, green and light green. There are about 70 experts to check all eating points in the city. The maximum point is 100. If the restaurant got 95 and more points, it wins the card of green color. The restaurant of 90-94 points gets the light green card. 75-89 points make a restaurant to get the card of yellow color. The red card speaks that the restaurant has 2 or 3 serious problem (60-74 points). They get a chance to check the situation in three days. If they not – the card turns into white.

Of course, the restaurants that could not gain the green or light green card would not boast the color of their award. Nevertheless, all eating points that gained yellow or red cards must be repeatedly inspected. This is one more chance to get green or light green card.

A Circle of Flesh

The city government believes that this way of inspecting cafes and restaurants is very useful for visitors to know whether the food point is worth visiting or not, and for restaurant to get the prize they are worth of. The colored cards system was borrowed from the world practice. This is a chance to increase the restaurant level by checking them according to the safety norms. There is always a choice to get some food in Dubai: shopping mall, streets cafe. It is better to visit the street cafe – the food id cheaper and more tasty there.