Business Of Shopping: TOP 11 Grandiose Shopping Malls On Earth

The hundreds of brand shops, exclusive trade platforms, perfumery and jewelry salons – what can you expect from the modern trade business? Some of the shopping centers are the real world attractions and well-built business schemes. They impress with big area and variety of shops. Actually, each of them is not just the shop but unique complex of shop area, sport centers, cinemas and other decorations. You can also see the hotels and restaurants in the territory on the trade center. What are the most popular and successful?

New Saudi China Mall, China

Chinese city Dongguan boasts with the biggest shopping mall in the world – New Saudi China Mall. It was opened in 2005. The trade area is 659 612 square meters. It is strange but the territory is so much big that it was not well equipped until now. You can see a lot of empty halls and show rooms. These rooms are especially attractive for tourists to make original photos. The project of the trade center contains more than 1500 trade points. Shopping lovers can visit as much shops as they can and have some rest in the cafe or restaurant. The shopping mall is also called the dead trade center. The big part of trade territory is still empty.

SM Megamall, Philippines

Do you want to know the biggest trade mall in Philippines? This is SM Megamall that is located in the center of Maynila. The center was opened in 1991 to have A and B corpuses. More than 800 000 people come to visit this place every year. Of course, the big part of all visitors is tourists. They come here attracted by the shiny window sills, variety of shops, cozy cafes and restaurants, exclusive workshops and boutiques.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, UAE

Just hire a car in Dubai and go to see the city. It is full of huge magnificent buildings. Nevertheless, all roads lead to Dubai Mall. This is the biggest shopping center that was opened in 2009. The territory of this center is 1 124 000 square meters. It is not only the biggest in the city in its territory but the highest in the world. You can visit more than 1 200 shops. If you like sweets, the biggest and the most popular confectionary shop is situated right here. You can come and taste aromatic coffee and Arabian sweets.

Morocco Mall, Morocco

The biggest shopping mall in Casablanca and whole Africa is Morocco Mall. It occupies modern original building with designed roof. The building is surrounded by the landscape complex with exotic plants, flowers, waterfalls, fountains. You are offered to visit about 350 different shops. Nevertheless, tourists come to this place not only for shopping.

Albrook Mall, Panama

Albrook Mall is situated on the territory of Panama. This is the biggest mall in South and North America. The center was opened in 2003 to have trade area about 380 000 square meters. You can visit more than 550 shops. The history of this mall is also interesting. Actually, it was built in 2002 on the territory of Air Forces Base of the USA. More than 30 000 people visit this place every day. The big part of them is tourists. The huge shop is the visiting card of Panama trade business.

Golden Frog Jewelry store, Albrook Mall

West Edmond Mall, Canada

If you like visiting shopping malls not only for shopping, but for attractions, you should come to Edmond. This is the most interesting and beautiful shopping mall in Canada. This mall is the oldest and biggest in the world. It was opened in 1981. More than 800 shops are waiting for you. There is also the biggest Aqua Park in the world, where you can spend time with your family. You can also visit skating rink, cinema, bowling center, mini-golf courts.

Central World Mall, Thailand

Thailand is also popular with its trade centers and shopping malls. The biggest of them is situated in Bangkok. The mall opened in 1990 to have the trade area about 429 212 square meters. The huge territory counts more than 900 shops, including hundreds of shops of brand clothes, jewelry shops, perfumery shops and others. You can use all attractions that are widely represented here.

Central World

Cevahir Shopping Mall, Turkey

Visiting Istanbul, you should also visit Cevahir Shopping Mall. It was built in 2005. More than 350 shops are situated here. They occupy four floors of six-story building. The last two floors are occupied by different attractions, restaurants, cafes. There are many services that are oriented for families and kids. Thus, you may visit special theatre for kids, playgrounds, interesting attractions, where you can participate with the whole family.

Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia

Meet the visiting card of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian proud – Berjaya Times Square. It is situated into two big towers to be interesting as architectural composition and successful business project. What is more, there are many shops, gastronomy establishments, hotel for 1 200 suits. If you like active leisure, you should visit the park of water attractions and cinema.

Puerto Venecia Shopping Mall, Spain

The biggest shopping mall in Europe is Puerto Venecia, situated in Spain. This trade complex is characterized with original and interesting decoration. It is situated on a beautiful lake. If you want you can easily go boating over the lake. If it is winter you can go skating there. The territory of the shopping mall is 750 000 square meters. If you are tired from shopping, you can spend some time and relax on the banks of the lake in the resting zones and cafes.

West Gate Center, Croatia

The center West Gate is situated in Croatia in 2009. This is the biggest shopping mall in Europe. You can find more than 500 big and small shops of different specialization. The trade area is 100 000 square meters. It took about 15 months to make it ready for visitors. There is a big choice of shops and mass of interesting attractions for all and everyone.