Understanding The Different Types Of Replacement Car Parts

Types of Replacement Car Parts
Types of Replacement Car Parts

Any machine, including your car, breaks down eventually, even if it is well-maintained. Since taking a car into a mechanic can be expensive, many people try to replace car parts themselves to save money although best title loans in Georgia are a good option if you need some extra money. However, before repairing your vehicle, you should understand the different ways in which car parts are categorised.

Car Part Types

There are four categories of car parts, including:

  • OEM
  • Aftermarket
  • Reconditioned
  • Used

OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer so any OEM parts bought for your vehicle are from the original manufacturer of your vehicle. They are the same company contracted to produce parts for whatever car you’re driving. So, if you drive a Ford, then the part you’re buying is from the same manufacturer that designs and makes Ford parts for your vehicle.

Buying OEM parts ensures that they match the exact specifications for your car. OEM parts can be more expensive than other types of car parts but if you want the best performance out of your vehicle, they are the best parts to buy.

Understanding The Different Types Of Replacement Car Parts

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are car parts that are made by other automotive part manufacturers for popular makes and models of vehicles. They are also produced for many models of popular vintage cars so the cars can be restored and kept in running order. Many online retailers or stores offering cheap car parts are selling aftermarket parts.

The quality, durability, and fit can vary slightly with aftermarket parts because they are not made to the same specifications as OEM parts. Although you can save money with them, you should be cautious when using them to repair your vehicle, especially if it is still under warranty. Using aftermarket parts can void your warranty in some cases.

Reconditioned Parts

If you have a less popular vintage vehicle or an older model that parts are difficult to buy for, then you may need to purchase reconditioned parts. Some companies take parts from dismantled vehicles and recondition or remanufacture them to sell. Reconditioning a part means repairing it so that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications for the part.

Reconditioning means replacing components that are worn out or damaged and that are usually replaced during routine maintenance. For instance, if you buy a reconditioned transmission, then the O-rings will probably be replaced but bearings or gears that are worn out will also be replaced.

Used Parts

Used car parts in Perth are parts pulled off vehicles and sold at salvage yards for the same make and model of car. Used parts may include mechanical parts such as a starter but it won’t be reconditioned and it may only have a very short warranty. However, it also includes body parts and accessories for vehicles such as steering wheels, car seats, or wheels.

If you want to save money by working on your car, buying the right car part will help your vehicle perform per the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, reconditioned and used parts can keep your older vehicle running until you have the time and money to go shopping for a new car.



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