How To Handle The Transition From Postini To Google Apps Gracefully

It was recently announced that Google has acquired Postini and will be integrating the services offered by Postini into the package available in Google Apps. This includes the powerful document sharing tools and scheduling apps available as calendars and other Google integrated applications, making this new acquisition very promising for users.

How To Handle The Transition From Postini To Google Apps Gracefully

It’s like Postini +

Some Postini users may fear that they’ll be losing some of the functionality that they’ve come to love and depend on from Postini. Google promises to make the transition so seamless that even the most avid Postini fan won’t notice the difference by the time the migration is fully complete. Still, it’s important to be prepared for change, so this is what you can do to ensure your transition goes smoothly.

Prepare Yourself – Change is Good

Wait for Contact

Roughly two months before the transition will begin taking place, Google will send an email to users letting them know the changes will be taking place and what to expect as these changes are implemented.

Transition Side by Side

Because Google wants to make the transition from Postini to Google apps as seamless as possible, the two will be running side by side during the transition phase. This will allow users ample time to grow familiar with the new features like document sharing, calendars and more.

Apply Settings to Your Liking

As users transition from Postini to Google apps they’ll be able to change their interface settings to their liking, giving them plenty of time to grow familiar with Google apps. By the time everyone has transitioned to Google apps the absence of Postini should go without notice. If you notice anything it should be that your Google services are especially easy to use.

Continue on as Normal

It’s the goal of Google to make the transition so effortless and seamless that even the most die-hard Postini user won’t notice the change from one interface to the next. Proving yet again why Google is growing by leaps and bounds in today’s technology market.

Relax – See?

That wasn’t so tough, was it? All of those great email security features that made you fall in love with Postini in the first place are all still there, and now you’ve got a whole lot more. And best of all, you didn’t even need to create a gmail account in order to enjoy these new perks!

When the Transition Will Take Place

Google has announced the Postini migration and transition will begin in 2013, and users will be contacted as early as two months before with important information regarding the change. It’s Google’s goal to make the Postini migration and transition as seamless as possible for all users, making changes slowly, over time, to allow everyone time to grow accustomed to the new interface and tools. This change is a good one because it puts a lot of powerful tools at the fingertips of business people who want to access their information on-the-go from the convenience of their mobile device.


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  1. Well – your article is nice but inaccurate. There is no feature parity and the google aps solution is inadequate at best.

    No individual black lists
    No spam “levels” customizable by user
    No message center in order to manage another users spam/quarantine
    If the daily email is lost there’s no way to send legit but captured email to the external mail server
    The automated transition fails sometimes to fully transition users
    Email that should be delivered to the external mail server is sometimes delivered to the unused google gmail account for the user
    More false positives
    More spam getting through

    For those who are considering transitioning I would say don’t.

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