Visual Education: Technology-Aided Learning

Visual Education: Technology-Aided Learning

The world today is of technology. Technology is entwined in every aspect of our life including entertainment, education, business and many more. The way we work, play, and learn is now dependent on technology. The most important aspect is technology as of the benefits of technology aids to it. Learning in schools and classrooms has aggravated from tradition to technological methods. The top 5 technologies identified are Augmented Reality, 3D printing, cloud computing, flexible display, and game-based learning.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, commonly referred to as AR is an abstract and exotic technology which people highly regard as a science fiction of Hollywood movies. It consists of the modules of animated holographic images, interactive displays, and virtual 3D models. In simpler terms, the modification of real environment or scenarios by computer-generated objects is called augmented reality. The technology has led to the expansion of the physical world by adding layers of digitalization into the material physics. Augmented reality stimulates the super-imposition of computer-generated images in the physically existing real world and includes sounds, and graphics to it thus changes our perception of the world.

3D Printing

The latest addition to the technology industry is 3D printing. This technology exercises the manufacturing of materials and objects from a digital design and into a finally shaped physical good. The basic principle of 3D printing elucidates the transformation of a digital model or image into a solid three-dimensional physical form. This is executed by adding material layer by layer on the structural design, hence delivering it the required shape and performance of the desired product. 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing because of the attribute to add layers ranging from 16 to 180 microns or more in order to create a complex object. All the complicated process and functioning can now be illustrated easily to students.

Cloud Computing

The exercise to avail the services of remote or distantly settled servers hosted on the internet for storing, managing, and processing important and confidential data instead of using local servers or personal computers is called cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers on-demand delivery of compute power, storage of database systems, applications, and other IT resources through cloud services carried via the internet. Although cloud computing is a little less useful in a classroom setting, its usage is still profitably applicable for keen learners and to those who want to excel in this field. For businesses and consumers, it is an economical choice because it has a lower variable cost. Businesses such as Amazon web services are getting massive profits because of this technology.

Flexible Display

The flexible display is another term used to describe bendable displays. Bendable displays are the screens which could be bent completely. It could be better understood as an electronic visual display with a flexible nature. A flexible display is a complete opposite of the currently being used flat screen displays in electronic devices. A flexible display is a slim structure with no bulks of glass or plastics and significantly weightless. Since it does not contain any glass materials, it is convenient to drop a flexible display most often as its durability is far from being questioned or challenged. The technology is really helpful to be used in classrooms for e-reading purposes. Moreover, mobile devices and consumer electronic items too can use this technology for innovative purposes.

Game-Based Learning

The term game-based learning (GBL) refers to the type of gameplay which has inbuilt definitions of learning outcomes in itself. This technology is a growing trend among students and teacher and in usual classroom settings and is designed to balance subject matter with game-playing tactics. By using game-based learning, the player is enabled to retain and apply said subject matter to the real world. It is an innovative approach in teaching methods to let students explore the relevant aspects of a game in a learning environment. This collaboration between teachers and students is effective in adding depth and perspective knowledge to the experience of playing the game.

Summing Up:

The above-mentioned aids of technology learning are helpful in providing rich assistance to students under proper executions. Although extensive research has been conducted to find out the significance of such visuals, further researches could be added in collaboration with cheap assignment writers to get knowledge in a generous amount. All in all, it could be said that these technologies are now in demand by the schools and education systems and have proven significance to deliver best practices for learning and enrichment of students.