The 9 Best Websites to Learn the English Language

Learning English has never been easy before. Ever since the advent of the internet has taken place, the hurdles in learning have been eliminated. Here are 9 best websites to help you in learning correct English grammar and pronunciation.

Open Culture

Open culture is one of the best language-learning websites for people who want to learn the English language. It offers a range of courses, language sites and other tools for effective language learning. It provides one with much interactive content from comprehensive courses to culturally focused poems and short stories.


Babbel lets people practice new English vocabulary and improve their grammar through interactive quizzes. It provides English language learners with flexibility in choosing what they like to focus every time they log in. One can choose to listen, write, speak, or read grammar and listen to detailed lessons inclusive of advanced vocabulary and correct pronunciation.

BBC Learning English

BBC English learning website is designed for advanced and intermediate language learners to learn English by watching and listening to BBC videos and radio channels. They mainly focus on a topic such as stories in latest news, new English words, and phrases and even include English pronunciation in vast details.

British Council

The best thing about this website is that it includes separate sections for kids, teens, and adults. Each section possesses a wide variety of interesting lessons, games, videos, and podcasts to learn. After one finishes watching or listening, they are then provided with certain exercises which are aimed at assessing their knowledge and understanding of the content.


Duolingo also helps the learners in learning new vocabulary and grammar by means of interactive quizzes and games online. Duolingo has the best feature of separating each lesson by their category. The desktop version of this website includes helpful notes and tips in case learners need in-depth explanation.


Flo-joe is the best choice for people who are planning to take Cambridge First or Proficiency exam for IELTS exam. This website has a lot of tasks, which may help one during the exam. Learners have to make sure that they keep the notes of what they learn in order to get used to the exam conditions.


One can find fascinating lectures by English language experts on this website. Although this website is not strictly designed for English learning, it is very accessible to a non-native English speaker. TED includes complete subtitles of every English talk, which are very helpful in understanding English.

Talk English

Talk English is very helpful website having several free listening practices with interesting quizzes and lessons in Basic English, English for interviews, business English and English for travel.

Amigos Ingleses

This website target Spanish speakers who are willing to learn the English language. It provides users with the resources for practicing conversational English using a YouTube channel with numerous videos to help one master the basic concepts of English pronunciation.

All these sites have supportive online activities for English language Learners. One can simply simulate any aspect of language learning process using these websites and become more fluent in it.

Erica Cohen is a freelance content writer at essay writing service UK firm. She has been working as freelance content since 2014.