3 Reasons Why Tenali Raman is Your Role Model Today

Children often receive books telling interesting tales by Tenali Raman. Although Indian kids prefer the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Sri Krishna tales, the stories of Tenali Raman was a little different. You will love these stories, how to solve problems no matter what is the challenge before you. Then, Tenali was more than just a court jester. If you read his stories, you will feel inspired and look up to him. He is a personality worth remembering even today.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.in, there are other real-life heroes such as Devi Prasad Shetty, who became a famous cardiac surgeon and founded the chain of hospitals Narayana Hruduyalaya to make heart treatment affordable for several Indians. Coming back to Tenali Raman, let us explore why he should be your role model in our troubled times.

  1. Fought against social evils

Tenali did not receive any formal education when he was a child. Yet, he became one of the greatest scholars because he had a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. The Vishnu devotees did not accept Tenali Raman as an intellectual, as he was a Shiva devotee. Then, Tenali made his way to learning and knowledge through his willpower, determination, and intellect. It means that social norms or evils may push you down, but then you need to think how to break the glass ceiling, as Tenali did. There are several Tenali Raman stories to inspire and motivate you. He is your perfect role model.

  1. Impressed King Krishnadevaraya with his intellect

Tenali Raman joined a group known as Bhagavata Mela. The mela came to Vijaynagara to render a performance before Krishnadevaraya. Post-performance, Tenali caught the attention of the king, and using his intellect and wit, Raman became an Asthadiggaj, one of the eighth intellectuals of the court from merely a comedian in the king’s court. We all have a lesson to learn from Tenali. No matter who is before us, we should not be intimidated and give the best performance. It is self-confidence, which is the key to your success in your professional life.

  1. Great sense of humor

Tenali Raman worked personally with King Krishnadevaraya. Tenali was known for his sense of humor and wit. Raman’s sense of humor, wit, and intellect were some of the greatest reasons he was so close to King Krishnadevaraya. Tenali forever knew how to lift the mood, make people laugh, and make the courtroom look exceedingly joyous and enjoyable.

Today, in our troubled times, we learn to smile and take up challenges; it will make our lives simple. If we cultivate a sense of humor, it will not only make people increasingly likable but also improve their outlook and temperament together with others. Today, you can settle many conflicts if you have good wit and sense of humor.


Tenali Raman is one such personality, who was intelligent, smart, witty, and determined. He knew how to fight social evils and discrimination to make his mark in the world. His stories are relevant even today. You can learn a lot from Tenali and look up to him as a role model.


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