Wake Up and Go To The Beach! TOP 11 Sport Beaches In The World

The beaches of the world are traditionally associated with lying on the beach and enjoying the sun. The sport enthusiasts like climbing mountains, go hiking, train hard. Beach can be the perfect place to go in sport and relaxation. Water sports, swimming, running on the beach, playing ball – all these exercises are available for people with different sport preparation level and activity. What about mixing pleasant and useful? Here is the list of the most attractive beaches for sport.

La Concha, San Sebastian, Spain

The picturesque city beach is situated in the North of Spain. The people on this beach are always busy with something. There is a beach football team, the main in Spain. You can run, cycle, climb the rock or go surfing. There is always an opportunity to learn triathlon, regatta or racing.

Sunrise beach

Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja California, Mexico

Isla Espiritu Santo is also known as the Holy Spirit Island to be the national park and biosphere reservation. The bays and terraces impress with their azure water. The local companies such as the Sea Kayak Adventures and others used to organize their excursion tours in this territory: underwater swimming, climbing rocks, canoeing.

Como Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

If you are fond of yoga, this beach is what you need. You can spend time in a lonely place far from people. This territory is the territory of yoga. If you want, you can visit yoga classes 6 times a week for free. What is more, there is a beautiful space for walking among the banana and coco plantations.

Hanaka Beach Park, Hawaii

The beach is situated on the road of the popular touristic route Kalalau Trail. The beach is worth visiting! Of course, it is not modernly equipped and comfortable for swimming, but it is situated close to Hanakapiai Waterfall. You can relax among the picturesque landscapes and get some energy. There is nothing better for relaxation!

Hobbits’ Beach, Oregon

If you think of the North West part of the Pacific Ocean, you remember all cafes and coffee shops on the go. Nevertheless, this territory is also popular of its soft sand. There is the biggest Park of sand Attractions. You can also go sport here by running, swimming or go hiking along the 40 miles trail across the dunes with the sea view. This is the way to get to the sea by Hobbits’ Tunnel.

7 Miles Beach, Cayman Islands

This popular beach can be often seen from the touristic posters. It is friendly for cycling, water sports and diving. There is a chance to visit one of the world popular sport competitions that usually take place in this territory. For example, it can be swimming race, triathlon competitions.


Manly Beach, Sidney, Australia

The beach is popular because of the world popular surfing race. This is the place where all surfing lovers gather together for water sports, group competitions or private lessons. Manly Surfing School is a unique opportunity to learn from the professionals.

Indiana Dunes National Park, Chesterton, Indiana

Beach yoga meets you every Thursday and Friday in summer. You are offered to participate in the extreme competitions 3 Dune Challenge. The lake Michigan is a great challenge for you! You can choose one of three the highest dunes in the park to climb it: Jackson Mount (176 foots), Holden Mount (184 foots) and Tom Mount (192 foots). You can swim in the cool water after the tiring walk.

Santa Monica Beaches, Santa Monica, California

You feel great being here! This is a good opportunity to go in sport for sport people. Everything is sportive in Santa Monica, including big swimming and volley ball field. What is more, you can practice yoga or go cycling along the beach.

Race Point Beach, Provincetown, MA

This beach is a dream of all sportsmen. You can get there by car, on foot or by bicycle. This is one of the most extreme beaches in the country. It attracts surfers, fishermen and other adventurers. All you need is warm sand and cool water!

Albufeira Do Azibo, Portugal

Here, in the region of Alto Douro, where people like water but do not have an opportunity to go to the city beach. So, what to do when you want to swim somewhere not far from Porto, in the North East of Portugal? Just hire a car in Porto and go to the Portuguese miracle – Albufeira Do Azibo. The beach is considered to be the pearl of Portugal. What a comfortable place to have yoga classes!

Kevin flying

The Best Beach Sports for Fun

Beach Football and Volleyball

Beach football is a game for real men. The process of this game is very hot and adventurers. The gamers show their strength and competitive skills. What a great pleasure to swim in the cool water after the hot match! Beach volleyball is the most popular beach sport for fun. You must be strong enough to jump and hot the ball on the soft sand.

Beach Yoga

Summer is time when you have to wake up in the morning to welcome sun. Go to the beach to practice yoga. It is effective and pleasant to do it on the beach. What do you need? Actually, it is more comfortable to find the lonely inspiring place and yoga carpet. Look around! The fresh air, sounds of waves and morning sun perform magic.

Playa La Entrada

Extreme Sports

If you like extreme, there is mass of variants of active sport for you. For example, you should try such kinds of sport as surfing, kite surfing, water ski, diving and others. You should try to catch the wave at least once in your life!

Of course, this is absolutely your choice what to do on the beach. Nevertheless, if you mix warm and pleasant sun, soft sand, cool morning wind all together, you can have a big portion of drive and unforgettable impressions. So, remember that you can go in sport on every beach, if you want!