Quick Guide to New York’s Top 4 Attractions

Have you decided to visit the United States? Are you planning to visit New York City – the city of lights and people and literally busting with life 24 hours a day? Then you should read this to know more about what places to visit because New York City has a lot of places that might leave you pretty overwhelmed. The city has a lot of attractions and buildings so it can get very difficult picking which one to visit, which is why we’ve listed just 4 places that we think are a must-see.

New York City is actually made-up of four boroughs but most of the attractions and the time you’ll be spending are in Manhattan.

Empire State Building

The first attraction that we would suggest you visit is the Empire State building. It is one of the most popular buildings around the world. Once you look at it from the bottom, it will make you gasp in awe because the building is so tall and beautiful: it’s a sight that will always remain fixed in your memory for a long time.

You need to get tickets to get to the top of the building which is served by numerous lifts. If possible, try to go early in the morning or later in the day since the busiest periods tend to be mid-morning and just after lunch.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is by far, the best bridge to walk across because of the views on offer right across Manhattan.

A good time to visit is in the early evening hours or dusk so that you can capture some magical beautiful pictures of the New York skyline. There are also different guided / commentated tours that are available across the bridge.

Moreover, the bridge gives wonderful views of the East River. It’s also worth strolling through the nearby park which is called the Brooklyn Bridge Park or in the “Dumbo” neighbourhood which is located at the Brooklyn end of the bridge.

One World Trade Center

This is one of the newest additions in the top attractions in the New York City – One World Trade Center : they have a new observational platform that is absolutely breathtaking. It is the tallest building in Manhattan and it is close to where the Twin Towers were once located. The top floor of the building stands at 1,268 feet (386 metres). Visit this place and get to see the spectacular view of the Manhattan and all the surroundings. Almost worth visiting is The 9/11 museum which of course, reflects on the tragic events of September 11th.

Times Square

Times Square is one of the most symbolic locations in Manhattan. It sits right in the heart of the city and famous for all the neon lights.

It’s also one of the busiest places in the city: always packed with people, the whole frenzy street will leave you somewhat stunned. This is where the city gets its reputation as the ‘city that never sleeps’.

Many of the city’s theatres are located in or around Times Square and you’ll also find a lot of shops selling electronic equipment.

Being such a prime location and tourists alike, do take care of your belongings although the police are always present (in fact, there’s a ‘mini’ police station right at the centre of Times Square and you’ll often see police on horseback around here).


New York City is simply a place you cannot ignore if you’re travelling in the US. It’s a city buzzing with life and very cosmopolitan (especially if you include a visit to the Chinatown and the Italian district).

You’ll find local people there a little more impatient than in other parts of the USA because living there is pretty stressful due to the hectic nature of the city. But there are many delightful places where you can relax and bewildering choice of restaurants which are very reasonably priced.

As always, if you’re travelling to the US make sure you get good health insurance before you travel (medical related expenses are one of the highest in the world). Also don’t forget to apply online for your ESTA visa exemption if this applies to you (depends on your nationality – more information from this ESTA guide).

You need to get your ESTA paperwork in order at least 48 hours before your trip and it applies for each individual so if, for example, you’re travelling as a family of four, you’ll need to apply for four ESTA permits.