Planning A Trip: Tips To Feel Comfortable In Italy

Planning A Trip: Tips To Feel Comfortable In Italy

Italy is extremely attractive country to travel. You can get there using different kinds of transport: plane, bus, train. Comfortable situation is not the main point of the country. What really has a point is warm climate, rich history, lots of attractions and art masterpieces. What is more, the most of tourists come to Italy to meet new people and learn their way of life. The cuisine also can be the point of your journey. You have a great opportunity to try not only traditional pasta and pizza, but Italian coffee, lasagna and tiramisu. Believe or not, the taste of these dishes is surprisingly unexpected in Italy.

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What Italian Cities are Popular for Visiting?

Rome is a capital of Italy. You can see the Vatican and Coliseum – main Roman symbols. Pay your special attention to Vatican museums and Roman Forum. Rome is worth at least 4 days to spend! You’d better to hire a car in Rome to learn as much as possible in the shortest time.

Venice is a sinking city that is situated on the North East of the country. It is authentic city of love, masks and carnivals, murano glass. You should stay in Venice for more than 2 days. It takes you about a couple of hours to cross the city. So, you may spend your time by travelling to the nearest islands.

Florence is a cultural center of the Middle Age period.

Milan is the capital of Italian fashion. People from all over the world come here for shopping. The prices are very high in the city boutiques. But you may go shooing to the nearest towns.

Naples boasts the Acropolis and tasty pizza. The popular pizzeria Antica Pizzeria da Michele welcomes all pizza lovers to try Italian pizza.

You can go to Pisa to look at the Tower of Pisa. You can go to Verona to see the Juliette’s balcony that attracts all tourists from all over the world. How about visiting Toscana and Bologna – Middle Aged cities and big student centers?

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There are many dishes that you have to try in Italy. These dishes are popular all over the world. You should learn the list of Must Have dishes! You have to try them all in Italy.

Pizza is the national dish of Italy. It is really delicious. You should try pizza from the fire stove.

Pasta Bolognaise – spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce.

Pasta Napoli – spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Lasagna – multilayered pie with the dough, white sauce and meat.

Ravioli – pasta with the meat stuffing.

Risotto – rice dish with the seafood and mushrooms.


Tiramisu – cake with mascarpone.

Panna cotta – creams with fruits.

Gelato – Italian ice-cream.

Choose the Best Restaurant or Cafe?

There are no rules: just find the crowded cafe and go there. This is the best indicator that the cafe is good. This is a usual practice when the whole family comes to the restaurant for dinner. Look, if there is a fire stove in the cafe if you are going to taste pizza. The view is very entertaining.

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You can choose any of the popular web services to find a hotel. You can find hostel or mini-hotel, whatever. If you are a group of friends, you my hire the room for 4-5 guests all together. It must be cheaper. If you are communicative person, you may use another popular service – couchsurfing. It gives you an opportunity to see the real life of Italians and be the part of it.


You can make a plan of your travelling route on itself. Later on, you can buy tickets according to the available dates and choose on yourself whether you go to the South or go far to Venice and Florence and come back to Rome. That’s great! You can plan your trip how you want to make it exciting.


You can use city transport in Italy. If you want to travel comfortably without mentioning special dates, beforehand tickets and other nuances, you may hire a car in Rome and travel all over the Italy. The train tickets can be cheap if you can buy it beforehand (3-5 months before your trip). You can also find the cheap tickets to the city buses. They comfortably go over the city and from one city to another.

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The budget of your trip is usually made like the budget to travel to any of popular countries. The main things you should consider are:

Transportation prices (air tickets, bus or train tickets) – the price depends on the chosen tariff. You can also go to Italy for free, changing cars.

Hotel prices – it can be hotel or hostel, if you want to find cheaper variant. The price for hostel can be about 15EUR (33EUR for Venice). The price for hotel starts with 30 EOR per night. Again, the prices are different in the different regions of Italy, even in the different districts of the same city. Never forget about the city tax (it may be included in the room price).

Visa – if you need visa, you should pay for having it in your passport: visa fee, visa center consulting services.

Food – the usual price for a dish in the cafe is 13 EUR. Of course, it can be pizza, pasta and other plain food. The price for ousters and delicacies are higher. Of course, the prices are also made of the cafe location area. Travelling over the popular touristic routes the prices for food must be higher. The price for coffee is 1-5 EUR. You may buy food in the supermarket or in the market. You may try street food when you walk down the touristic streets. The price for the most popular Vatican museums is 15 EUR or 10 EUR. If you want to climb up the Saint Paul’s Cathedral, you should pay about 5 EUR.

As a rule, travelling takes much money from your budget. You may be the smartest traveller ever to use all of these travel tips to have the low-cost journey.