New Google+ Update For Android

Google was in the news only for Kit-Kat mostly of late. However as a welcome change Google has now updated Google+ for Android. Although as many claim this is not a bug fixer or something similar to the older version. Before knowing what are the main features in the new update let refresh about Google+ since many seem to have forgotten it lately.

Google+ is a well known social networking and identity based service and as the name suggests it is owned, operated and managed by Google Inc. It was created as a competitor for the ruling Facebook. Google however has described Google+ as a “social layer” which augments several of the online properties. Google also says that it is not just a social networking website like other counterparts. Although started recently it is now the second largest social media networking site across the globe only after the most famous Facebook.

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600 millions of monthly dynamic users are now element of this identity service side. Users are interacting socially with the Google+’s improved properties such as Gmail, +1 button (plus one), YouTube comments.

300 millions of monthly dynamic users are element of the Social Media Networking side. They interact with the aid of the Google+ social media networking stream itself.

The Mobile App of Google+ App was used by almost 1/3rd of the smartphone users between just 2 months i.e. April–June 2013. This statistics makes it the fourth most used mobile app. In USA 92% of the users are using Google+ Enhanced mobile apps for the mobile sites in their smart phones.

Two main potencies of the famous Google+’s Social website are the photography feature and also its famous Hangouts feature.

The new update which was released in late October, 2013 mainly focuses on the following areas. The additional features present are:

Currently Google+ has 1.5+ billion photos uploaded or shred each and every week.

Google Inc. has just publicized a brand new improvement for Google+. As I stated earlier this isn’t some set back bug fixer or similar stuff. A lot of prosperous great, fresh features now have been launched that should glee the photo aficionados ubiquitously.

New Google+ Update For Android

Here’s what’s that’s new in Google+’s latest version:

  • Your photos now will support Android Beam thus you will be able to share photos via NFC too.
  • Photos will support Daydream thus you will be able to view your pictures even in screensaver mode especially when the device is charging or docking.
  • The drop-down menu is well equipped to show the individual photos.
  • Opening Locations tab will robotically refresh and update your friends’ locations on the map.

Google also mentioned a numerous performance boosts which however they weren’t interested in giving away too much detail about what or how exactly it has been boosted or augmented.

Despite the consequences, it just sounds like an improvement that the users will positively want to take. All you android users can find it in the Google Play Store with ease!

The Google+ new update indeed seems to be a very incredible and must have update. If you already have the app, update it as soon as it releases for your Android or download it right away.


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