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20 popular apps and web tools made by students

We talk about the importance of bringing technology into education on a regular basis. But why? What’s the end goal here? Is it to improve learning outcomes, unlock new learning opportunities, or to perhaps equip students with the ability to change the future?

I think education technology can actually do all those things and more. That is, of course, if properly used and handled by a tech-savvy teacher who is willing to help nurture and guide students along the way.

One of the ways education technology integration has changed the future is through teaching students how to code. There are countless online schools and web-based platforms that can help students (and you!) learn how to code. But what happens when students and teenagers around the world take this newfound knowledge and start building apps and web tools?

They create something special. As you can see below, this list of popular apps and web tools comes from the always fun Product Hunt which details a little bit about each app as well as a link to learn more.

I hope you use this list as a jumping off point for trying your hand at coding and learning how to build something that might become incredibly useful and popular. All I ask is that, when you make it, you let Daily Genius know about it so we can check it out!

Popular apps and web tools made by teenagers

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