Which is Best – Whole Bean or Ground Coffee?

Whole bean or ground coffee? This is a commonly asked question. It is clear that the most important quality of the best tasting coffee is freshness. But grinding fresh coffee several times a day could be an issue. Especially if you are a busy person.

Both whole bean coffee and ground coffee have pros and cons. The most important thing is the coffee to be freshly roasted. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of both options:

Ground coffee

If you don’t have enough time in the morning, but you still want to enjoy your morning cup of coffee at home – ground coffee is the solution to that situation. It is a timesaving option that will ensure you will receive the quick caffeine hit you need in the mornings. Ground coffee is not only easy and convenient but cheap. You don’t need any fancy equipment to brew your coffee. It is actually pretty simple-to-follow process.

There are to major downsides. The first one is that pre-ground coffee is less fresh. The moment the beans are ground, coffee starts to lose its qualities and freshness due to the process of oxidation. Its flavor begins to scatter.

The second downside is that you are restricted in terms of experimenting – extraction/ brewing technics, combinations of different flavors, etc.

Whole bean coffee

Let’s begin with the most important quality of the whole bean coffee – it keeps its flavor and stays fresh for a long period of time when stored properly. After all, to enjoy a great cup of coffee, you have to fully experience its specific taste and flavor. And there is absolutely no doubt that whole bean coffee delivers more in terms of flavor compared to the pre-ground coffee. If you seek more than just an energy boost, then the whole bean is the obvious choice.

Another benefit is that it’s up to you to choose the brewing method. You can experiment with different options – French press, drip coffee maker, or pour-over. All of these offer a different tasting experience.

There are some disadvantages of picking this option, though. The first one is that it is expensive. You will need to buy equipment – a grinder, brewer, and serving vessel. You have to store the beans properly so that they don’t lose their qualities. Glass jars or airtight containers will do the job.

It is less convenient and takes more time. To prepare your morning coffee you will need to set aside some extra minutes.


No matter which option you choose, make sure the coffee is stored properly and it is not exposed to excessive moisture and oxygen. This guarantees that the coffee will save as much of its qualities as possible for up to three weeks.

If you seek not only a caffeine boost in the morning but great flavor and aroma, you will bet on the whole bean coffee. But if you don’t have the time, then pre-ground coffee is a better choice for you.