When Bullying Causes Suicide

When Bullying Causes Suicide

Murder by suicide, sounds like it should be a book title, but it is something that we haven’t always completely looked upon as a murder. Someone commits suicide it is simply ruled a suicide and that is the end of the story, case closed. Or is it? The basic definition of suicide as found on medlineplus.com is that suicide is, the act of taking your own life deliberately.

Usually a suicide happens when the person is in a difficult situation and they feel that there is no other way to remedy the situation that they may be in or dealing with. They feel alone and secluded and are in constant turmoil emotionally as they often know that suicide is wrong in the sense of society.

According to medlineplus.com, the site explains that men are more than likely to be successful of committing suicide than women. Men are also more susceptible to committing suicide in a more violent way than a teenager, or woman. Men are in some sense straight forth with the subject of suicide and go at the situation as if the more violent the way, the better it’ll get done. On an average it is men that don’t want any assistance or call for help, they want it over with.

Many people often wonder what drives a person to suicide in the first place. There are many factors in the situation of a suicide victim’s life such as, bipolar disorder, depression, or other situations that they feel can not be handled any more. One of the worst problems that I find with suicide is the case of other people driving people to commit suicide rather help a lost soul or someone that is so depressed that they do not care if they hurt themselves or not.

This is referred to as bullying. Bullying can become quite violent in nature in the event of not only teenagers, but also adults. In the case of Jesse Logan she committed suicide because her ex boyfriend had sent the nude pictures of herself that she had texted him to other people in the school. Of course in the high school scene as soon as one person gets it they forward it on to the next person. It wasn’t long before many of the students decided to bully Jesse Logan to the extent that she could no longer emotionally handle the situation and she took her life by hanging herself in her bedroom.

As I said before, it used to be that suicide would be an open and shut case, however in Jesse Logan’s case and now it is starting to be more popular of the realization that people’s proper etiquette of how they treat each other has left more to be desired that animals treat each other better. Quite frankly where the hell did everyone’s manners go in this world?

Driving someone to the point of suicide should be the same crime as if you pulled the trigger, or wrapped the rope around their neck. The same if some causes someone with harassment or other emotional abuse it should be punishable the same as manslaughter.

Domestic abuse has become increased during the time period of the recession as many couples are starting to stress more and more, especially those that are suffering from foreclosure. There are also some couples that are starting to experience role reversal as some husbands are laid off from work, but their wives still work. The husbands now are the ones that are taking care of the children and the house work and the wife feels that she is the bread winner alone. Of course stress does not make for a happy family in the house.

Though some couples are able to cope with the situation one couple could not and their marriage ended up in a possible divorce. She left for a time and during the time period that she was gone she started to play emotional games. The woman started to make promises and then would break them. If he did this she would do that, a promise of a compromise. Then the woman started to belittle the man and told him that he was a worthless father and she continued to kick him while the man was down. He was very depressed and tried to commit suicide, as the common first attempt of suicide the call for help landed him back at home alone. The wife left him at the house and told him she was going back to her new boyfriend. She had decided to tell him that night after he attempted suicide that she had a new boyfriend. I call this kicking someone while they are down almost to the extent of trying to stick a knife in their heart.

Since she signed him out of the hospital from his attempted suicide she abandoned him at home alone. Family, friends and witnesses would explain that she would call him and let him listen to her while she was having sex with her new boyfriend. Friends started to notice that he had become more emotional and severely depressed. They tried to have a friend or family member with him all the time so as to help deal with what the soon to be ex wife would dish out next.

The day of their anniversary, she decided to play more games with the man. He finally could not handle it and while he was home alone he went out to his car and drove it to a secluded area on a back gravel road. He picked up the phone and called his wife and told her that she was going to have a wonderful present.

Then he poured gas all over the car and sat there until it caught fire and was consumed.

When his body was found police said there were barely any remains.

This is why I call it suicide by murder. How many more people have to die due to the bullying and childish games? At what extent is there going to be any help for these intentional acts of emotional harm. Emotional harm is in fact worse harm than physical harm at times. When is it going to stop? When are we going to remember the etiquette in Kindergarten that we were taught to be nice to each other?