Ways To Surprise Your Sister On Her Birthday

Ways To Surprise Your Sister On Her Birthday

Every year, you surprise your sister on her birthday. That’s what amazing siblings do.  And for most of the time, it is the usual ways surprising her, like giving her favourite gifts or taking her out for chilling. These ideas have worked wonders, but experimenting with new ways to surprise your sister will do the magic beyond your and her imagination.

To help you surprise your sister in beautiful and unexpected ways on her birthday, we have listed down practical ideas. All of them are tried and tested (by me), so we are confident it will work for you as well. Without delaying a moment more, read and get inspired.

  • A private musical concert at home: If she is a musical girl, then we bet this idea will burst firecrackers. As you are well aware we are facing an unprecedented situation of COVID-19 where we all are practising social distance, going out for parties or clubbings is a big “No” for safety reasons. But, that doesn’t mean that you have put an end to all the birthday parties. You can make your sister enjoy her birthday like she has always been doing by organizing a musical concert at home. With dim lights and her favourite songs being played on, it will be a fun and frolic birthday party for her.
  • Decorate her room with balloons: Decorations are essential for birthday celebrations. It creates an ideal atmosphere and will help her feel the birthday vibes. Secretly decorate her room with balloons, banners, and scented candles. Bake or order online her favourite cake. What’s a birthday without a cake? Only a gathering of people said a learned person. You can avail online cake delivery in Mumbai at your doorstep from the bakery providing contactless delivery. Blindfold and assist her to the room, then watch her shriek in happiness upon seeing a beautifully decorated room and a delicious cake wanting to be galloped down. You can make it a midnight surprise as well.
  • A Big Teddy Bear Hug: No matter how old she gets, her love for teddy bears will never grow old. A warm hug will melt her heart into happy tears. Well, you can wish her a “Happy Birthday” over a warm hug. But, the bigger surprise would be larger than life teddy bear hugging her. Surprise her with a big teddy bear with a birthday note for her. This year, let the teddy bear give her a warm hug. This will be the best surprise for her; trust us on this.
  • A Food Truck Surprise: If she is a born foodie, then surprise her over food and desserts. “The way to the heart goes through the stomach.” Organize a food and dessert truck for her with all her favourite delicacies. If you are unable to organize a food truck, a table with 5-6 desserts and delicacies of her favourite choice will do justice. Surprise her with yummy food! This year, on her birthday, treat her taste buds, and you have got the recipe how to treat her soul.
  • A Musical Surprise: Now, this one is different from the first option. Give her a digital musical surprise. Many online gifting portals have started the digital service of musical gifts like a guitar on call, pianist on call, violinist on call, saxophone on call, flautist on-call, etc. In this service, the singer will arrange a video conferencing call with you and your sister and will sing a Happy Birthday song for her. Words will be his, but feelings will be yours.
  • Personalised Celebrity Birthday Wish: Make her birthday wish come true! As a brother it’s your moral duty to fulfil her wishes and dreams. Many platforms have come up with a service in which you can request a celebrity to convey a personalised birthday message. It is an easy service to avail. All you need is to select the personality, write down a message, and that’s it. The celebrity will record the video and send it to you. This surprise of yours will make your sister cry happy tears.
  • A furry Surprise: If her best friends are furry babies, then either gift her a puppy or take her to pet-friendly cafes and spots where she can play with dogs and cats. This would be the paw-some birthday surprise for her. She would love it beyond she can express.

So, these were the seven ways in which you can surprise your sister on her birthday. All the ideas listed are unique, creative, and guarantees a big smile on the face of your sister.

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