The TAG Watch Repair Guide

tag heuer watch repair

TAG Heuer is a worldwide known watch company. The skills that they bring to the watch market are unlike any other brand and throughout their time in business, they have revolutionised watchmaking.  The watch company is known for breaking boundaries and pushing passed conventions in traditional Swiss watchmaking.

TAG Heuer has been creating watches for over 150 years, an achievement in its own right.  If you are lucky enough to own a TAG watch then you may be interested in the brand itself and how to repair a TAG Heuer watch.

We have taken advice from Repairs by Post a watch repair brand from Manchester that covers the whole the UK. They work with TAG Heuer watches every day, who better to ask for advice when it comes to TAG Heuer watch repairs?

The TAG Watch Repair Guide

The TAG Timeline

The TAG Heuer family still enjoys the leadership of the brand with Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder as an Honorary Chairman. The brand was discovered in 1860 by the young man, Edouard Heuer, aged just 20 years old. Hence how the name of the brand came about. Due to their years of service within the watch industry, we have taken some time to look over the watch brands success which has been sparked from passion and innovation.

1914: First wrist watch was created.
1916:  The “micrograph”, the first stop watch with an accuracy of 1/100 of a second, was invented.
1950s: Heuer created watches for Abercrombie & Fitch.
1962: TAG Heuer became the first Swiss watch in space.
1970: TAG Heur introduced their first digital chronosplit.
2010: TAG Heuer launched the ‘Pendulum Concept’, the first magnetic oscillator without hairspring capable of providing restoring torque comparable to that of hairspring.

Risks to TAG Heuer Watches

If you are going to spend thousands of pounds on a TAG Heuer watch, you should do your research into how to care for it. A top tip that Repairs By Post gave us was that you should keep your TAG Heuer watch away from movements that may cause shock.

The TAG Heuer’s motto is ‘don’t crack under pressure’, therefore a TAG is designed to resist impact. Any luxury watch owner will know that extreme cases of pressure should be avoided when you are wearing an expensive time piece. If this was to occur you would send it to a TAG watch repair company like Repairs By Post who can examine the damage.

TAG Repair

Keep in mind that if you need to get your TAG Heuer watch fixed then it should be completed by a professional.  Repairs By Post offer Tag watch battery replacement, Tag Heuer watch repair, servicing and restoration through their convenient online service. They have a number of customer testimonials on their website and you can read through some of the work they do on their blog.

Repairs By Post have over 30 years experience in dealing with TAG Heuer watches. By sending your  TAG Heuer watch repair to Repairs By Post you can track the process of your repair online, which puts many customers at ease while their watch is away.