Clean Shave Look For This Wedding Season

Wedding season marks the start of a new time in many of our close people’s lives. You want to participate in the celebration and also make sure that you make the right impression around people. Because its India, and people are going to be dressed in their best sense to make the right one.

Now, just dressing well is not going to be enough this wedding season, because the trend is changing and one thing that is gaining more importance is grooming. And, a festive season like this one demands you to take extra care of your grooming.

So, be it your friend getting married or someone from the family, you are sure to make an excellent first impression by going against the stereotype.

Yes! You heard it right, a clean-shaven look is what we are talking about. Clean shave look is the old-is-gold look of the 21st century. Most people are wearing it, and most of them are pulling it off.

But why should you choose a clean shave to look as compared to a bearded look? Here are some reasons we can think of:

  1. Timeless look

Clean shave look is the one that is never going out of style, and there are some reasons for that. First and foremost, it suits most men and does not any extra effort or tools to maintain it. All you have to do is take your razor, follow a right shaving approach, and shave it off.

  1. Swim against the flow

Why not? Most men are sporting a beard. Be it a hipster beard, full-length beard, or for that matter, a stubble. Everyone is doing it, and it is no more a luxury or something, just common. But, if you are trying to stand out in a crowd, we say you go clean this wedding season.

  1. Gentlemen in the crowd

Yes, a clean shave look will make you look sorted, younger, and, most importantly, approachable. You have a look that says what you want people to hear.

On the contrary, beard growing requires much more effort than you think. It requires you to follow beard growth tips like exercising, relying on a diet that supports beard growth, and so much more.

Clean shaving tips include three important instructions always. First, work on your skin before shaving with a pre-shave gel or foam. Second, use a good razor or a trimmer that smoothly cuts the facial hair without leaving burns on your skin. Third, use an aftershave cream or gel to soothe the skin and replenish the lost moisture from your face. These are the significant shaving tips you need to remember before clean shaving.

So, get ready for this wedding season and make an impression on the folks and stand tall in the crowd.