Turning Your Dreary Bedroom into A Cosy Paradise – Here’s How

Beds can be easily considered as one’s own paradise and given a chance, most of us wouldn’t really opt to get out of it. After all, who would choose work over a comfy bed, right?

That being said, no matter how short you are on space, you’ll always be relieved to have a room of your own where you can simply lie on your bed after a long, tiring day at the office. Moreover, imagine falling asleep on a bed that has a fluffy mattress and just the right number of pillows – isn’t that like the most amazing feeling?

Speaking of beds, when you’ve got a bedroom of your own it’s quite obvious that you’ll have the liberty to create your own safe haven! Now, if the very thought of turning your bedroom into a space that can help you sooth or relax has been running in your mind, then here we’ve compiled a list of tips to create a room that you’ve always dreamt of.

So, without any further ado, let’s get going and give your bedroom a cosy vibe!

Begin with an ideal blank canvas

When it comes to designing your bedroom, the one thing that you’ll find yourself always stuck with is the hues! Well, the best way to tackle this situation is to have an artsy instinct. Simply design a backdrop using neutral colours, solid long curtains and delicate floorings. These will for sure allow you to experiment with pillows, sheets and throw blankets – mark our words!

Create a relaxing atmosphere!

Of all the rooms in your house, bedroom is the only space where texture plays a huge role and this is reason enough for you to ensure that it makes you feel comfy and pampered. So, in order to create a snug atmosphere, use a grass-cloth covering for the walls and plush rug for the floorboard. Grass-cloths are one of the best ways to add a touch of comfort and warmth in the bedroom, and so are rugs!

Purchase a squashy mattress

It is quite obvious that bed is the only thing in the bedroom where you’ll be spending majority of your time; so, it makes more sense to put in more of your money on mattresses and pillows that are incredibly comfy! Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule as to white must always be your go-to option; rather why not go for a darker shade, like amethyst or eggplant? These will not only give your bedroom an edgy look, but also reduce the burden of maintenance off your shoulders.

Adding In A Bit Of Extra Storage On The Side

If your bedroom isn’t the ultimate space of comfort in your home, then is it even a bedroom? Add in a cosy little bench in the space to sprinkle an extra dose of comfort, plus you get an added space to put things away whenever need be. In case you have guests over, it will become convenient for you to put away their overnight bags without the space becoming too crowded.

Opting For Comfort Over Style

If you’re every bit of the bookworm that we think you are, having an armchair in the bedroom is an absolute must, period! But before you go ahead and lug that armchair over in the space, there are a few things that you should consider. Go for one that has sufficient room for you to curl up on comfortably with a book in hand. You should go for an armchair that comes with a bit of upholstery, something made with suede that will surely bring to you comfort served on a comfy platter.

While you’re busy pacifying the obsessive reader in you, it is important that the room temperature is set just right so that your feet and your being is kept deliciously warm letting you enjoy what you’re reading. For this, install designer radiators that are both functional and stylish and will enhance your lifestyle by fine-tuning the atmosphere in just the right manner.

Hanging String Lights

There’s nothing like good old lights to add a touch of bling to your bedroom and while adding lamps is charming, string lights are something else entirely! So go all out and make a statement with these cool lighting strings. “But, it’s too Christmassy”, you’d say! So be it, because Christmas or not you bedroom has to look spot on and amazing at all times and mark our words, these lights will do a stupendous job on the space! With the soft glow that these lights will cast on your bedroom, your space is bound to look breathtaking and that’s the dream after all, isn’t it?

So, that wraps up our list of tips to help you turn that dreary bedroom into a space where you can easily roll into a ball! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a smaller or bigger bedroom, since you are the homeowner make the most out of it and create a room that reflects your personality.