Seven Kitchen Layouts for Entertaining

As we all know, the kitchen is said to be the heart of every home. It is a prime spot for your family members and friends to relax and grab a bite. Plus, if you are that member of the family who throws the best parties and gatherings, then be prepared to have people over more than you planned – be it for someone’s birthday, a celebratory dinner or just for a few drinks in your kitchen.

However, if your kitchen is not welcoming or homely enough for your guests, don’t expect them to stick around. Moreover, be prepared to lose the tag of ‘best host’ too!

There are several kitchen shops in Northampton that are known for turning a dream kitchen design into a reality. You can ask them to incorporate designs that give your kitchen a more homely feel.

But if you are planning a kitchen renovation all by yourself, we are here to help you design a kitchen which is not only stylish and elegant, but also entertaining and welcoming.

Here are seven tips and tricks to make sure that your kitchen layout is entertaining enough for you and guests.

1: You Can Opt For an Open Shelving Design

Having painted open shelves will give your kitchen an incredible chic look which also has an understated homely aesthetic. Moreover, open shelves are ideal for smaller kitchen spaces as they make the room appear much bigger.

One thing that makes open shelving design a great idea especially for people who love to host parties and gatherings is that it makes grabbing tableware and glassware super easy. In simple words, it means that everyone in the house can easily set up a table, get drinks and just start munching on some delicious food.

2: Consider a Kitchen Island

If you are renowned for hosting huge family gathering such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners where there are buffets of foods and drinks, then having a centre island makes sense. You can place all your dishes for the evening on the kitchen island and then let your guests mingle around it at their leisure.

Furthermore, this leaves you some spare time to enjoy the evening and a glass of wine with your guests.

3: How About Installing a Wine Rack?

People usually love to live by the saying, “as long as there is wine, everything is fine.” So, if you are renovating your entire kitchen room or planning to make it more party friendly, how about installing a wine rack?

You can have a built-in, under the counter, temperature controlled wine fridge in your kitchen room. If you are falling short on space, build a wine rack in the wall, allowing you to showcase your wine collection. If you do have enough space in the kitchen room, then install a metal wine rack into a dead corner of the room.

4: Hide Your Kitchen Utensils

Free up some extra space on your countertop by storing away your small kitchen appliances such as toasters and blenders in your kitchen cabinets. This means that when you start your gatherings and events, you will have some extra space on the counter to place the food and drinks. You can surf online for some hidden kitchen storage hacks and use them in your kitchen space.

5: Invest In Some Bar-Stools

If you have a lot of area around your kitchen island, then line up some light-weighted bar stools. These stools will be your best friends, as everyone entering the kitchen would have some space to sit and chat. Having an extra seating space in the kitchen creates a warm and welcoming vibe, especially when you are hosting.

6: Invest In Some Strip Lighting

You can add some warmth and additional lighting to your kitchen room by installing under cabinet strip lights. They are lightweight, inexpensive and DIY friendly. Isn’t it now easy to add some ambience in your kitchen room? Moreover, they are perfect for a party as they create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

7: Get a Drinks Trolley

A drinks trolley is nothing but an epitome of adulthood and having one makes hosting a party so much easier. You get to store all your gin, whiskeys, vodkas and liqueurs at one place. Moreover, it encourages your guests to help themselves.