Choose the Best Quality Wood for Almirah

A home is incomplete without a stylish set of furniture. Furniture speaks about your personality, style, taste, and space. Nothing adorns your home with elegance and luxury like wooden furniture, then be it a cupboard or a coffee table. In decor, placing the right furniture piece in the right place of your house is very essential. You cannot just put a wardrobe in your living room or bathroom. It is meant to enhance the beauty of your bedroom while serving the storage purpose. Another part that affects the decor and the make of a furniture piece majorly is the quality of wood. Although furniture can be manufactured using different types of wood, it is best to use a suitable wood, such as oak, teak, birch, sheesham, mahogany wood, or others.

If you’re planning to bedeck your home with cabinetry solutions, then you can consider wooden almirahs and bedroom cupboards. You can keep them as simple or elegant as you want or turn them into a lavish piece of decor. Right from cutesy standalone almirahs to the walk-in wardrobes seen in Narnia, you can now design one to beautify your home. All you need to do is create a design, pick the right materials, some high-quality wood, and put them all together. Voila! You have crafted a masterpiece.

Having said that, the fact remains obvious and true of the process being a lengthy and time-consuming one. It is not going to be a cakewalk; you will be required to put in your efforts and patience. However, before proceeding, it is good to know how wood plays a role in deciding your furniture’s life.

Wood Quality Matters

Every wood has specific properties that separate it from the others. Before using any wood for crafting furniture, it is quite important to understand its features. Firstly, you need to look for its hardness, which separates wood into two types: hardwood and softwood. The basic difference between these two types is that the hardwood is obtained from deciduous trees, whereas softwoods from conifers. Most of the wooden almirah manufacturers prefer hardwood over softwood for creating bedroom cupboard designs. Other qualities of wood may include wood grain, color, stability, strength, finish, moisture content, and so on. Depending on these properties, you must pick a wood that is durable and fits well for the design of your cupboard. If you choose the wrong one, the output of the design might be completely opposite of what you wanted.

Bedroom furniture should be an amalgamation of style and functionality. Along with ample storage, it must also complement the home decor pretty well. The idea here is to get something that is unique and appealing. You can customize your wooden almirah design basis the decor theme of your bedroom. Therefore, investing in good quality wood is essential to get the desired result.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Wood

Getting the quality of wood right can be a difficult task if you are a novice. But you need not worry, as practice makes one perfect. To begin with your wood hunt, you can consider some basic points given below:

  • Knowing the type of wood is the first step. This is how you can take things ahead in crafting. You can recognize the wood with the help of factors, such as color, smell, hardness, and texture. A little bit of pre-research is recommended to avoid any confusion.
  • Secondly, check for the wood grains so that you can choose a material that gives a smooth finish.
  • Nowadays, many wooden furniture pieces are made using a mix of different woods. MDF, solid wood, or plywood work best for furniture like almirah, thanks to the durability and strength they possess.
  • Fine-grain wood gives the furniture a smooth finishing when painted, making it is easier to craft and customize.
  • Wood should not be easily crackable or breakable, and it should have water-resistant properties.
  • Also, make sure its cost doesn’t end up burning a hole in your pocket, considering you would need to buy it in bulk.

Crafting a wardrobe design of your dream is a hectic task and can take up a lot of time and effort. If you have the patience, you can take up the project on your own simply by following these steps mentioned above. However, if you are curious and can’t wait for long, then it would be best to look up for some really cool almirah options online. Plus, a little bit of wood knowledge would be sufficient; you need not be a master. With stores like HomeTown, you can save all the extra effort and time, and still get what you are looking for. So, why wait for a perfect bedroom wardrobe? Start your hunt right away!