Best Tips to Take Care Of Your Luxury Wooden Furniture

Best Tips to Take Care Of Your Luxury Wooden Furniture

Wood has some rustic charm that ensures a cozy feel of luxury, elegance, sophistication, and luxury to your home. But as you buy Luxury Wooden Furniture in Kolkata, it often becomes a tough job to take proper care of them for a good look and longer life.

Tips to maintain luxury wooden furniture

Here are some tips provided by the professionals on how to take proper care of the wooden furniture so it remains shiny and beautiful for a longer period of life.

Know the nature and properties of the wood — As you know wood can come in different configurations, finish, style and composition, you should be knowledgeable and well versed about the nature and properties of the wood before fixing any particular maintenance routine. You should also be careful about the surface you have to maintain. As you purchase a piece of furniture, you must diligently read the user’s manual, product details, care instructions and tips that are available with the product. Remember, every wood is different and thus they need different treatment altogether.

Dusting is a must 

If a piece of furniture hasn’t been dusted in a while, you’ll notice a thin, filmy layer has likely formed on the surface. But letting a piece of furniture get dusty can’t hurt it, right? Dusting keeps the upper surface of the furniture shining and bright without putting extra effort. You can dust the furniture with preferably a soft white clean cotton cloth to avoid any sort of stain and scratch. You better go with dry dusting. But if this doesn’t work, use a mild detergent solution or simply lukewarm water to soak the piece of cloth and clean the wooden surface. Once cleaning with damp cloth is done, immediately wipe it with a soft dry cloth as the moisture must be absorbed.

Do not expose it to direct heat and sunlight 

You must protect Luxury Wooden Furniture from direct heat and exposure to sunlight as it can fade the shine and colour. Even the best and the most expensive wood may fade out if exposed to bare sunlight and heat for longer. If the furniture is kept near the window, use drapes or thick curtains to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Also, don’t place any hot pots or utensils on to the wooden table as it can damage its luster and finish.  Outdoor furniture must be kept away from extreme sun exposure. You can use Metal buildings to keep outdoor furniture safe. Many homeowners prefer to keep desks or shoe racks made of mahogany outside to impart an elegant look to the home. But this is not really recommended. Rather this is a mistake that you must avoid to make. As mahogany wood is not much resistant to heat and moisture, its luster and overall quality can be damaged over time.

Keep it dry 

 This is another important thing to take care of. You must keep wooden furniture dry by all means. Protect it from dampness or moisture as moisture can make the wood peeled off, faded away, and warped. Even if there is a water spill, promptly wipe it up with a soft dry cloth to avoid stains and causing lasting damages to the furniture.

De- Humidify your Room

Humidity damages your furniture. Therefore, humidifiers are a great investment when it comes to keeping the temperature and dampness in control. They control the humidity level of your home for the last longer.

Get it wax polished 

Apart from maintaining a good cleansing routine, you also have to get the furniture wax polished two times a year to keep up with its natural shine and health. Wax polishing ensures longer life as well.

Use Coasters

Wooden furniture is meant to have a lot of use out of it, but it’s important to remember that it does need protection from daily wear and tear. Excess moisture and heat from dishware can leave permanent rings and marks on the woods’ finish — leaving your nice, wooden table looking tattered. To prevent these stains, place your glassware on coasters and trivets. Placemats, tablecloths or table covers may protect your table as well.

Keep Away From Windows

Make sure your wooden furniture is kept away from the window. Your painted wooden furniture is at the risk of losing its rich color by fading due to the moisture. And when not raining, keep the windows open to let sunlight get in. This will in reducing humidity in the room.

Never Use an All-Purpose Cleaner

Although it’s in the name, all-purpose cleaners really aren’t meant for all purposes, like cleaning wooden furniture. The chemicals found in those cleaners are too harsh to use on the fine wood unless your furniture has a plastic coating to protect it. Instead, use a wood cleaner that’s specifically made for cleaning your wooden furniture.

To keep up with the incredible look of the furniture, protect and seal them periodically. Clean the wood meticulously before applying any sealant. You may also sand the wood surface slightly to remove dirt. Water-based sealants would be a better option as they are eco-friendly and more resistant to damp and moisture.

Varnish your Furniture

Coat and varnish your furniture well during the rainy season as they are susceptible to moisture. Neatly, seal the joints with protective coatings and sealants. They are easily available in the market.

Use Pesticide Deodorants

Use natural pesticide controllers like camphor, or naphthalene balls which are great moisture absorbers. They will also help to protect clothes as well as wardrobes from termites and other pests. It works like other professional pest control services. 

Let it age with grace

Furniture ages with the time and you have to let it age smoothly. Much the same as wine, it might obtain new character in its nightfall years.  So when you’re purchasing any wooden furniture whenever be aware of its maturing propensities.

Oil and Wax Regularly

Oiling and waxing wood are energetically suggested since it gives it a glossy stain to it. It includes a covering and defensive layer, on a superficial level along these lines breathing life into its appearance. On the off chance that you could oil and wax your wooden units once in a quarter of a year, it’ll be awesome.

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